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Objective: Two of the book's major characters, Hazel and Fiver, are introduced in this chapter. The aim of this lesson is to examine the characters of Hazel and Fiver.

1) Class discussion. In what way do Hazel and Fiver complement each other? Do the students think Hazel relies more on Fiver than Fiver relies on Hazel? Why does Hazel put so much trust in Fiver's visions? In what ways in this chapter is Hazel already showing signs of leadership? How do the students think the two characters will develop?

2) Ask the students to write two character studies of how both Hazel and Fiver will develop as characters. What is in the opening chapter to suggest their characters will develop in this way?

3) Ask the students to compare the two characters of Hazel and Fiver. What are their goals and motivations? What are their strengths and weaknesses? The students...

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