Water by the Spoonful Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Quiara Alegría Hudes
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Scenes 1-3

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Hudes, Quiara Alegria. Water by the Spoonful. Theatre Communications Group, 2012. E-book.

• Yazmin and Elliot, two cousins, are eating breakfast together.

• They are talking while waiting for someone whom Yasmin has plans to meet.

• Elliot prevails upon Yazmin for help with his mother's headstrong ways that are causing her to eat unhealthily while going through chemotherapy.

• Elliot reveals that he had been with his mom that morning and that she had cooked breakfast but had insisted on making unhealthy food like that she had eaten in Puerto Rico.

• Yazmin tells Elliot that his mom just has a stubborn personality and then asks Elliot to sign as a witness to the divorce papers she has decided to file.

• Elliot asks what has happened in Yazmin's and her husband William's relationship since they had decided on...

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