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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Logan go to Lake City?
(a) To look at some land.
(b) To get a new plow.
(c) He's having an affair.
(d) To buy a mule.

2. What song is played at Joe's funeral?
(a) "All by Myself."
(b) "Safe in the Arms of Jesus."
(c) "Amazing Grace."
(d) "When the Saints Go Marching In."

3. How many acres does Janie's new home sit on?
(a) 60 acres.
(b) 100 acres.
(c) 10 acres.
(d) 1 acre.

4. Where is Tea Cake from?
(a) Orlando.
(b) Georgia.
(c) Tampa.
(d) Maitland.

5. How does Jody deal with his aging?
(a) He gets plastic surgery.
(b) He runs around with young girls.
(c) He berates Janie for her aging to make himself feel better.
(d) He hides in the back of the store so people won't see him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the townspeople react to the scene between Jody and Janie in the store?

2. What does Joe make Janie do (out of jealousy)?

3. Besides Janie's wedding, what other major event occurs in Chapter 3?

4. What does Tea Cake help Janie with at the end of the night?

5. What does Janie keep waiting for after her marriage?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the reasons Nanny says that Janie should feel lucky to be married to Logan?

2. What is Joe's opinion of Eatonville when he first arrives?

3. Describe the scene that occurs in the store in Chapter 7.

4. Describe Joe Starks' appearance.

5. Describe Nanny's reaction, in Chapter 3, to hearing that Janie is unhappy.

6. Explain how Janie earns the name "Alphabet."

7. What are the major differences between Joe Starks and Logan Killicks?

8. Describe Jody's appearance in Chapter 7.

9. Describe Janie's appearance.

10. What does Janie do immediately after Joe dies?

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