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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do all the workers from the muck go for fun?
(a) Tea Cake and Janie's house.
(b) The swamp.
(c) The general store.
(d) The local bar.

2. Who stays, then flees, with Tea Cake and Janie?
(a) Pheoby.
(b) Stew Beef.
(c) Sop-de-Bottom.
(d) Motor Boat.

3. Who is Mrs. Turner?
(a) The mayor's wife.
(b) Tea Cake's cousin.
(c) Janie's sister.
(d) The owner of a restaurant in town.

4. When is payday on the muck?
(a) Sunday.
(b) Friday.
(c) Saturday.
(d) Monday.

5. Tea Cake tells Janie she is enough to make a man forget to _________. (Fill in the blank)
(a) Get old and die.
(b) Go to work.
(c) Breathe.
(d) Wake up in the morning.

6. What happens to the money Janie has hidden in her dress?
(a) Janie buries the money under her house.
(b) Tea Cake hides the money from Janie.
(c) Tea Cake buys Janie a dress with it.
(d) Tea Cake takes the money and goes out on the town to see what it is like to be rich.

7. What does Hezekiah think of Tea Cake?
(a) He thinks Tea Cake is a criminal.
(b) He thinks Tea Cake is a good man.
(c) He is jealous of Tea Cake.
(d) He thinks Janie is too good for Tea Cake.

8. How does Janie know the hurricane is coming?
(a) She sees the storm coming in the sky.
(b) She hears about it on the radio.
(c) The Seminoles tell her.
(d) Tea Cake tells her.

9. What happens to Tea Cake as he and Janie are trying to get out of the water?
(a) A dog bites him on the cheek.
(b) A cow kicks him in the face.
(c) Janie pushes him under water.
(d) He gets swept away by the wind.

10. Who does Mrs. Turner want Janie to marry?
(a) The mayor.
(b) Tea Cake.
(c) A white man.
(d) Her brother.

11. How does Pheoby feel after Janie is done talking in Chapter 20?
(a) She is mad at Janie.
(b) She is jealous.
(c) She's not satisfied with herself anymore.
(d) She wants to move away.

12. What does Tea Cake do when Janie cannot swim anymore?
(a) He gets a boat.
(b) He leaves her at a house.
(c) He carries her.
(d) He pulls her with a rope.

13. How is Nunkie's appearance described?
(a) Nunkie is white.
(b) Nunkie is tall and thin.
(c) Nunkie looks like a movie star.
(d) Nunkie is chunky.

14. What does Tea Cake call the land that he works on?
(a) The patch.
(b) The muck.
(c) The office.
(d) The glades.

15. What illness does Tea Cake contract?
(a) The flu.
(b) Consumption.
(c) Rabies.
(d) HIV.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Janie leave Eatonville wearing?

2. How does Janie react to finding Tea Cake with Nunkie?

3. What emotion overtakes Janie in Chapter 15?

4. What symbol returns in Chapter 11 as a feeling that Tea Cake awakens in Janie?

5. When does Janie want to marry Tea Cake?

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