Their Eyes Were Watching God Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Janie's appearance.

Janie has long, black hair that she keeps loose. She is described as having a voluptuous figure that the men admire, yet she wears masculine overalls instead of dresses.

2. What do Janie's neighbors normally do after a long day's work?

The neighbors gather on porches after the day's work is done where they gossip and share stories with each other. When Janie comes home, she is the subject of their gossip as they speculate about her fortune.

3. Describe your impression of the relationship between Pheoby and Janie.

It appears that Janie trusts Pheoby more than anyone else. They are best friends who can joke with each other, and Janie is willing to tell Pheoby her story so that she can share it with the others. Pheoby genuinely cares for Janie and does not want it to seem like she is checking on Janie just to hear about what happened while Janie was gone.

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