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Chapter 1

• Janie's neighbors are gathered on Pheoby's porch at sunset to gossip and tell stories.

• Janie returns to Eatonville, raising the curiosity of the community.

• Pheoby takes Janie something to eat and visits with her.

• Janie tells Pheoby that Tea Cake is "gone."

• Janie begins to tell Pheoby her story.

Chapter 2

• Janie tells Pheoby about her childhood.

• Janie never knew her father, and her mother ran off when she was a baby.

• Janie is raised by her grandmother and gets teased by other black children about her clothes, which are cast-offs from the white family her grandmother works for.

• Janie first realizes she is black after seeing a picture of herself with white children.

• Janie is awakened to the idea of love and marriage by witnessing the blossoming of a pear tree.

• Janie's grandmother urges her to marry for security, to avoid the rough life she has had...

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