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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What direction is the Outsider heading?
(a) Eastward
(b) Southward
(c) Westward
(d) Northward

2. Who does Vince suspect he is working for?
(a) The Iraquis
(b) The Chinese
(c) The Columbians
(d) The Soviets

3. What does Nora think about the way Travis treats her?
(a) She thinks he is just going to woo her and leave her
(b) She thinks it is pity and charity
(c) She thinks he is cruel and looking for sex
(d) She believes that Travis is just using her

4. What does the dog chase?
(a) A squirrel
(b) A bee
(c) A butterfly
(d) Another dog

5. How many different women was Vince's new mark, Haines, seen with?
(a) One
(b) Three
(c) Four
(d) Two

Short Answer Questions

1. What was hiding in the bushes?

2. Who was Vince paid to 'hit?'

3. Who does Nora call?

4. How many burgers was ordered for the dog?

5. At what time did Einstein become agitated?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Travis carry with him on his walks and what did he intend to say about it?

2. What was Nora Devon's escape from the domineering nature of her aunt?

3. How was teaching Einstein having a beneficial effect on Nora?

4. How did Travis feel with Nora gone?

5. What was Vince doing in Weatherby's garage?

6. How was the fear that Travis felt after he'd left the canyon different to what he felt why he was there?

7. Who was Wes Dalburg?

8. How does Travis react to the unknown assailant?

9. What was the purpose behind Yarbeck's creation?

10. What things did Arthur Streck knock over while trying to escape Einstein?

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