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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What seemed to be the most extraordinary thing about the dog's intelligence?
(a) It got increasingly intelligent as time went on
(b) The dog is so much more intelligent than any other
(c) The dog is unerringly stupid
(d) Not only was it intelligent, but self aware

2. What did the assailant sound like?
(a) It was about the same sized as Travis
(b) It was less than the size of Travis
(c) It was big
(d) It was small

3. What are the two kinds of people in the world?
(a) Cats and Mice
(b) Evil and Good
(c) Opinionated and Obedient
(d) Sheep and Shepherds

4. What was it Nora decided to cook?
(a) A yellow cake with Vanilla icing
(b) A alfredo dish
(c) A yellow cake with chocolate icing
(d) A chocolate cake with chocolate icing

5. What is another part of the "gift" Vince has?
(a) A mesmerizing stare
(b) Boyish charm
(c) A suave and debonaire mentality
(d) A perfect memory

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Travis and Nora have in common and speak most about?

2. Einstein insists on going to see Nora by doing what?

3. Who was the only woman Travis loved?

4. What had Travis not done in a long time?

5. Who was Vince paid to 'hit?'

Short Essay Questions

1. How was Einstein still affected by the Outsider?

2. Why doesn't Tracy tell the truth about the attack she suffered?

3. What wounds did Art gain as a result of Einstein and Nora?

4. How does Einstein's communication via the tiles convince Dr. Keene to keep him free?

5. What was the epiphany Travis had while looking at the rattler?

6. What did Vince do that he didn't think would have been acceptable by Don Tetragna, and what did he do to prepare himself for this outcome?

7. How did Nora teach Einstein to communicate and what did she learn from this communication?

8. How did the dog look after he had some attention paid to him?

9. What things led Vince to believe he was working for the Soviets?

10. What did Travis compare and contrast in the dog's behavior?

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