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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of drug did the two police officers think that the killer had been on?
(a) PCP
(b) Methanphetamines
(c) Crack Cocaine
(d) Peyote

2. What credit card did Travis give to the chapel?
(a) American Express
(b) Visa
(c) Mastercard
(d) He didn't; he wire transfered

3. What is the name of Nora's doctor?
(a) Dr. Goldwein
(b) Dr. Goldstein
(c) Dr. Weinstein
(d) Dr. Weingold

4. What did Travis take more comfort in sleeping beside?
(a) Nora
(b) The gun
(c) Einstein
(d) None of these

5. What does Einstein want for Christmas?
(a) A Mickey Mouse doll
(b) Chew toys
(c) Mickey Mouse videos
(d) Mickey Mouse comics

6. The Outsider perceives itself to be ______?
(a) Ugly
(b) Intelligent
(c) Smart
(d) Cuddly

7. What did Travis not want Einstein to be aware of or frightened by?
(a) His dismal attitude
(b) That Keene was going to turn him in
(c) His tears
(d) The fact that he thought that Einstein wasn't going to recover

8. How tall was the house that Travis and Nora purchased?
(a) Twenty two feet
(b) One story rancher
(c) Fifteen feet
(d) Two story

9. What aroma was NOT mentioned as having filled the house on Christmas Day?
(a) Turkey
(b) Yams
(c) Stuffing
(d) Baked corn

10. Where did Teel Porter die?
(a) The bedroom
(b) The laundry room
(c) The living room
(d) The bathroom

11. What does Einstein call Nora and Travis?
(a) Masters
(b) Friends
(c) Owners
(d) Comrades

12. What did Einstein say was broken with the tiles?
(a) Banjo
(b) Guitar
(c) Dollar
(d) Fiddle

13. Who or what is the Outsider's main target?
(a) The Retriever
(b) Nora
(c) Travis
(d) Yarbeck

14. Why does Einstein say he needs grass?
(a) He likes the taste
(b) Instinct
(c) Indigestion
(d) He enjoys it

15. Why did they settle down close to where the Outsider could find them?
(a) To confuse it
(b) To mislead the cops
(c) To hasten the encounter and kill it
(d) They liked the area

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Outsider want to leave Deputy Teel's head in his driver seat?

2. Why does the Outsider hate the dog so much?

3. What does Jim Keene tell Travis and Nora he is trying to do?

4. What does Einstein do to voice his displeasure?

5. What was the only thing Lem realized he was loyal to?

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