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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the Outsider want to leave Deputy Teel's head in his driver seat?
(a) To mock him
(b) To frighten him
(c) To enrage him
(d) To tempt him into chasing after it alone and unarmed

2. What did Einstein say was broken with the tiles?
(a) Dollar
(b) Guitar
(c) Fiddle
(d) Banjo

3. What does the expression, "sound as a dollar" mean?
(a) Worthless and inexpensive
(b) Healthy and reliable
(c) Cheap and useless
(d) You ring

4. What mainly was the color of the dress he bought for her?
(a) Gold and peach
(b) Red and gold
(c) Black and peach
(d) Red and black

5. How old is Garrison Dilworth?
(a) Seventy-one
(b) Sixty
(c) Sixty five
(d) Seventy

6. Where did Teel Porter die?
(a) The bathroom
(b) The bedroom
(c) The living room
(d) The laundry room

7. What had Travis installed around the perimeter of the property?
(a) Booby traps
(b) Wire trip wires
(c) Laser trip wires
(d) Infrared alarm system

8. Who was the only other person Vince had told about his 'gift?'
(a) Jeremy
(b) Danny
(c) Denny
(d) Darrel

9. What does Einstein call Nora and Travis?
(a) Masters
(b) Comrades
(c) Friends
(d) Owners

10. What was the one fantasy that both the Outsider and the Dog had enjoyed while at Banodyne?
(a) The Swan Princess
(b) The Ugly Duckling
(c) Mickey Mouse
(d) Donald Duck

11. Why did Travis take the gun?
(a) To intimidate people
(b) For protection
(c) None of these
(d) For ID

12. What did Einstein perceive as coming towards them?
(a) A big uneasiness
(b) A storm
(c) The Outsider
(d) A big darkness

13. What does Einstein want for Christmas?
(a) Mickey Mouse videos
(b) Mickey Mouse comics
(c) Chew toys
(d) A Mickey Mouse doll

14. Who does Garrison Dilworth meet up with?
(a) Lem Johnson
(b) Nora
(c) Della Colby
(d) Travis

15. How many people did Vince kill in the trattoria?
(a) Three
(b) Two
(c) Four
(d) Five

Short Answer Questions

1. The Outsider perceives itself to be ______?

2. What is the name of Nora's attorney?

3. What kind of drug did the two police officers think that the killer had been on?

4. What was the name of the boy that helped Garrison?

5. What kind of man, according to Aunt Violet didn't exist anywhere in the world?

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