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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What aroma was NOT mentioned as having filled the house on Christmas Day?
(a) Yams
(b) Baked corn
(c) Stuffing
(d) Turkey

2. Who does Garrison Dilworth meet up with?
(a) Travis
(b) Della Colby
(c) Nora
(d) Lem Johnson

3. Who was the only other person Vince had told about his 'gift?'
(a) Darrel
(b) Jeremy
(c) Danny
(d) Denny

4. What thought repelled the two agents playing cards?
(a) Pinochle
(b) Rummy
(c) Cheat
(d) Two hand poker

5. What did Travis take more comfort in sleeping beside?
(a) None of these
(b) Einstein
(c) Nora
(d) The gun

6. What color is the barn?
(a) Dust Red
(b) Rose red
(c) Sunset Red
(d) Rust red

7. What was the name of the boy that helped Garrison?
(a) Bobby
(b) Jimmy
(c) Billy
(d) Tommy

8. How does Travis explain Einstein's initial behavior in recovery?
(a) Afraid
(b) Angry
(c) Confused
(d) Quiet

9. What mainly was the color of the dress he bought for her?
(a) Gold and peach
(b) Red and black
(c) Black and peach
(d) Red and gold

10. What is the name of Nora's doctor?
(a) Dr. Weingold
(b) Dr. Weinstein
(c) Dr. Goldstein
(d) Dr. Goldwein

11. How does Einstein feel about squirrels?
(a) He hates them
(b) He longs to chase them
(c) He wants to eat them
(d) He likes them

12. What possessed Garrison Dilworth to play hero?
(a) Travis offered him lots of money
(b) Garrison loved Einstein too
(c) Nora offered him lots of money
(d) A deep seated belief the dog should remain free

13. What was the name of the black lab that saved Dr. Keene?
(a) Rex
(b) Kong
(c) King
(d) Duke

14. How many people did Vince kill in the trattoria?
(a) Three
(b) Four
(c) Two
(d) Five

15. What credit card did Travis give to the chapel?
(a) American Express
(b) He didn't; he wire transfered
(c) Mastercard
(d) Visa

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Einstein's favorite books to read with Nora and Travis?

2. On what day do Nora and Travis buy their Christmas tree?

3. Why did the Outsider want to leave Deputy Teel's head in his driver seat?

4. What did Nora do throughout the rest of June?

5. What does Einstein call Nora and Travis?

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