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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the one fantasy that both the Outsider and the Dog had enjoyed while at Banodyne?
(a) The Swan Princess
(b) Mickey Mouse
(c) Donald Duck
(d) The Ugly Duckling

2. Who gets a visit in part three from the NSA?
(a) Nora
(b) Travis
(c) Ted Hockney
(d) Garrison Dilworth

3. What did the Outsider attack in Diamond Bar?
(a) Sheep
(b) Women
(c) Pets
(d) Children

4. What did Einstein do that inspired worry?
(a) He didn't eat all his food
(b) He barked non stop
(c) He was consistently wimpering
(d) He was listless

5. What had Travis installed around the perimeter of the property?
(a) Booby traps
(b) Wire trip wires
(c) Laser trip wires
(d) Infrared alarm system

6. Why does the Outsider smash mirrors?
(a) So people can't look in them and see it
(b) It likes to hear the sound of breaking glass
(c) All of these
(d) It cannot stand the sight of itself

7. What room is the Outsider in?
(a) Nora's studio
(b) The living room
(c) The basement
(d) Their bedroom

8. How many times did Nora shoot Vince?
(a) Five
(b) Two
(c) Four
(d) Three

9. What color is the barn?
(a) Rose red
(b) Rust red
(c) Sunset Red
(d) Dust Red

10. What kind of drug did the two police officers think that the killer had been on?
(a) Crack Cocaine
(b) Methanphetamines
(c) Peyote
(d) PCP

11. What was the year that "Tribute to a Dog" was written?
(a) 1945
(b) 1840
(c) 1970
(d) 1870

12. What does Nora call Travis, Einstein and herself?
(a) Watchers
(b) All of these
(c) Guardians
(d) Family

13. What was in the glove box that gave Nora hope?
(a) A cell phone
(b) A knife
(c) Pepper spray
(d) A gun

14. What was the name of the boy that helped Garrison?
(a) Tommy
(b) Jimmy
(c) Bobby
(d) Billy

15. How many years in prison did Art Streck get, as a mandatory sentence?
(a) Five years
(b) Three years
(c) Four years
(d) Two years

Short Answer Questions

1. What had Nora found out at the doctors?

2. Where was the head of Teel found?

3. What did Travis take more comfort in sleeping beside?

4. What town were Travis and Nora close to?

5. How many people did Vince kill in the trattoria?

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