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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was different about the dog's eyes?
(a) They seemed more intelligent and expressive
(b) They seemed even more vacant than most dogs
(c) One was blue and the other brown
(d) One was green the other brown

2. When Travis woke up again near dawn, what did he notice?
(a) That Einstein was sleeping
(b) That his car was missing
(c) That Einstein was keeping watch
(d) That someone had broken in

3. What kind of jar did Art knock over?
(a) A jam jar
(b) A cookie jar
(c) A sugar jar
(d) A flowered vase

4. Which word best describes Nora Devon?
(a) Meek
(b) Violent
(c) Cruel
(d) Opinionated

5. Where do Vince's employers reside?
(a) Los Angeles
(b) New York
(c) Seattle
(d) Las Vegas

6. What seemed to be the most extraordinary thing about the dog's intelligence?
(a) It got increasingly intelligent as time went on
(b) The dog is unerringly stupid
(c) Not only was it intelligent, but self aware
(d) The dog is so much more intelligent than any other

7. What kind of tree did Travis park under?
(a) A Cedar
(b) A Hemlock
(c) A Pine
(d) A Spruce

8. What did the dog do?
(a) Rolled over
(b) Barked non stop
(c) Begged
(d) Tried to get him out of the forest and back up the trail

9. Who was waiting in Weatherby's garage?
(a) Marco Simpani
(b) Vinny Geovani
(c) Vincent Nasco
(d) Lawrence Nasco

10. What was it Nora decided to cook?
(a) A chocolate cake with chocolate icing
(b) A yellow cake with Vanilla icing
(c) A alfredo dish
(d) A yellow cake with chocolate icing

11. Who called Nora later that night?
(a) Streck, the repairman
(b) Stuart, her nephew
(c) A wrong number
(d) Phillip, her ex husband

12. Who was Vince paid to 'hit?'
(a) Dr. Eliza
(b) Dr. Yarbeck's husband
(c) Dr. Yarbeck's
(d) Dr. Samsun

13. Where did Nora stop to admire the yellow blossoms?
(a) The supermarket
(b) The library
(c) The courthouse
(d) City hall

14. What kind of dog food did Travis buy?
(a) Purina
(b) Spam
(c) Alpo
(d) Pedigree

15. What kind of job does Travis suggest Einstein do?
(a) Seeing eye dog
(b) Work on a biscuit manufacturing line
(c) Work as a sled dog in Alaska
(d) Work as a police dog

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Travis think he was doing?

2. How did Einstein's behavior affect Travis?

3. What did Nora see in her own eyes?

4. What was the name of the woman whose care Haines was driving?

5. How many people are in the family that Vince is being paid to kill next?

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