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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tracy say that attacked her to the rest of the world?
(a) A loco coyote
(b) A rabid raccoon
(c) A bear
(d) A cougar

2. What did the dog do?
(a) Barked non stop
(b) Rolled over
(c) Tried to get him out of the forest and back up the trail
(d) Begged

3. Who does Vince suspect he is working for?
(a) The Soviets
(b) The Columbians
(c) The Iraquis
(d) The Chinese

4. What was the name of the woman whose care Haines was driving?
(a) Gillian
(b) Geri
(c) Giselle
(d) Sarah

5. What seemed to be the most extraordinary thing about the dog's intelligence?
(a) Not only was it intelligent, but self aware
(b) It got increasingly intelligent as time went on
(c) The dog is unerringly stupid
(d) The dog is so much more intelligent than any other

6. What made Nora happy?
(a) Thinking of getting out of town
(b) Thinking of Travis
(c) Thinking of Art
(d) Thinking of Einstein and drinking

7. Who was waiting in Weatherby's garage?
(a) Vinny Geovani
(b) Vincent Nasco
(c) Marco Simpani
(d) Lawrence Nasco

8. What did Nora choose to do following her experience with Streck?
(a) Enroll in self defense classes
(b) Explore different parts of the city that she'd never seen before
(c) Purchase a handgun
(d) Get an alarm system for the house

9. What color was Vince's car?
(a) Black
(b) Red
(c) Blue
(d) Green

10. What did Tracy care about most in the world?
(a) Mathematics
(b) Hanging out with her friends and shopping
(c) Her thoroughbred horse, and racing
(d) Boys in her class, and kissing

11. What was hiding in the bushes?
(a) A coyote
(b) A cougar
(c) A rabbit
(d) A mule deer

12. What was different about the dog's eyes?
(a) One was blue and the other brown
(b) They seemed more intelligent and expressive
(c) One was green the other brown
(d) They seemed even more vacant than most dogs

13. What did the unknown assailant silent?
(a) Birds and crickets
(b) Birds and cicadas
(c) Birds and frogs
(d) Crickets and frogs

14. What does Streck say to Nora in the beginning of section two?
(a) I know what you need
(b) I forgot to give you your extended warranty
(c) I want you
(d) I left something behind

15. What did Nora spit in Streck's face?
(a) Sandwich
(b) Oatmeal cookie
(c) Chewed apple
(d) Apple juice

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Nora Devon afraid of?

2. What does the dog chase?

3. What kind of dog food did Travis buy?

4. What did the dog bring to Travis that startled him?

5. What did the dog do at the end of the chapter?

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