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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vince decide to go after himself?
(a) The Outsider
(b) The head of the Soviet franchise
(c) The dog
(d) The US president

2. What had Travis not done in a long time?
(a) Smiled
(b) Went for a walk
(c) Went on a trip
(d) Talked to his parents

3. What was the name of the housing tract where the Outsider showed up?
(a) Pinot Drive
(b) Merlot Ridge
(c) Champagne Heights
(d) Bordeaux Ridge

4. What does Nora think about the way Travis treats her?
(a) She thinks he is cruel and looking for sex
(b) She believes that Travis is just using her
(c) She thinks it is pity and charity
(d) She thinks he is just going to woo her and leave her

5. What possessed Garrison Dilworth to play hero?
(a) Travis offered him lots of money
(b) Nora offered him lots of money
(c) A deep seated belief the dog should remain free
(d) Garrison loved Einstein too

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Einstein do to voice his displeasure?

2. Where was Wes' head?

3. What two words best describe Vince's dream home?

4. What was different about the dog's eyes?

5. How many times does Einstein ring the bell?

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