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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Einstein insists on going to see Nora by doing what?
(a) Whining
(b) Barking insatiably
(c) Growling at Travis
(d) Digging up the lawn and flower beds

2. What did the dog do at the end of the chapter?
(a) Licked his hand
(b) Nothing
(c) Wet himself
(d) Laid down to sleep

3. What does Travis throw at the dog?
(a) A stone
(b) A biscuit
(c) An Oreo
(d) Some luncheon meat

4. Who does Nora call?
(a) Wadlow T.V. repair
(b) Travis
(c) Her mother
(d) The cops

5. What is interesting about the dog's behavior?
(a) It is responding to his words
(b) The dog possessed an above average sense of smell
(c) It is neurotic, barking and growling, then kissing and whimpering
(d) The dog knew a wide variety of commands

Short Answer Questions

1. Who happened upon Nora and Streck?

2. What did the dog bring to Travis that startled him?

3. Where did Travis head to?

4. Where did Nora stop to admire the yellow blossoms?

5. What compelled Vince?

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