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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Vince's employers reside?
(a) Los Angeles
(b) Seattle
(c) Las Vegas
(d) New York

2. How did Einstein's behavior affect Travis?
(a) It invigorated him
(b) It frightened him
(c) It gave him pause for thought
(d) It chilled him

3. What kind of jar did Art knock over?
(a) A sugar jar
(b) A flowered vase
(c) A cookie jar
(d) A jam jar

4. What does Vince decide to go after himself?
(a) The Outsider
(b) The head of the Soviet franchise
(c) The dog
(d) The US president

5. What did the dog do when approached with the thing he didn't like?
(a) He growled softly
(b) He barked
(c) He ran in terror
(d) He whimpered

Short Answer Questions

1. What vow did Nora make to herself?

2. What was the one fantasy that both the Outsider and the Dog had enjoyed while at Banodyne?

3. What did Nora choose to do following her experience with Streck?

4. What credit card did Travis give to the chapel?

5. What two things does Streck like about Nora?

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