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Peanut bar - Travis tells Einstein that this item is in the glove compartment when the two first meet.

Water Hose - Einstein uses this to cool his bath water, much to Travis' surprise.

Bridal Magazines - Einstein uses these to attempt to convince Nora and Travis to get married.

Books - These are things that Einstein recognizes as a way to communicate.

Page Turning Machine - Travis and Nora buy this to facilitate Einstein's reading.

Scrabble Tiles - The married couple uses these to facilitate communication with Einstein.

Tile Machine - This is built to dispense things that facilitate communication with Einstein

Travel Trailer - This is used to keep Einstein, Nora, and Travis together when they travel to Vegas.

Francis Project - This was what resulted in both Einstein and the Outsider.

Santiago Canyon - This is where Travis and Einstein meet.

Banodyne - This...

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