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Peanut bar

Travis tells Einstein that this item is in the glove compartment when the two first meet.

Water Hose

Einstein uses this to cool his bath water, much to Travis' surprise.

Bridal Magazines

Einstein uses these to attempt to convince Nora and Travis to get married.


These are things that Einstein recognizes as a way to communicate.

Page Turning Machine

Travis and Nora buy this to facilitate Einstein's reading.

Scrabble Tiles

The married couple uses these to facilitate communication with Einstein.

Tile Machine

This is built to dispense things that facilitate communication with Einstein

Travel Trailer

This is used to keep Einstein, Nora, and Travis together when they travel to Vegas.

Francis Project

This was what resulted in both Einstein and the Outsider.

Santiago Canyon

This is where Travis and Einstein meet.


This is the name of the company that specialized in recombinant DNA.

Santa Barbara

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