Watchers Character Descriptions

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Travis Cornell - This character was a successful real estate agent who at one time owned their own business.

Nora Devon - This character is saved by Einstein and Travis.

Einstein - This character is the good half of project Francis.

The Outsider - This character is the 'evil' half of project Francis.

Lemuel Johnson - This character is working for the NSA and follows the Outsider with dogged determination.

Garrison Dilworth - This character is the lawyer of Nora/Violet Devon.

Jim Keene - This character is the vet that diagnoses Einstein with distemper, and saves his life after he is attacked by the Outsider.

Vince Nasco - This is a character who is a killer for hire.

Art Streck - This character imposes himself on Nora and begins to stalk her.

Violet Devon - This is the person responsible for Nora's lack of self esteem...

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