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David Hackett Fischer
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Short Answer Questions

1. The American destination in reference to the title of the book is originally what?

2. In the chapter entitled "Hard Choices," George Washington realizes he is in a delicate spot because if he makes any mistakes, or if fortune turns against him, he risks what?

3. From a military perspective, what is George Washington concerned about in the attack at Trenton?

4. As the Americans assemble and pursue their march toward Trenton, what course does the stormy weather take?

5. George Washington's surprise victory over the Hessians causes British commanders to lose their initiative over the course of how long?

Short Essay Questions

1. What role does military intelligence play in the Battle at Trenton?

2. How does Charles Cornwallis conduct his decision making?

3. How successful are the rebels in crossing the Delaware River?

4. Although the British catch sight of the American army approaching, what do the rebels retain?

5. What style of leadership is beginning to emerge on George Washington's part?

6. What is the outcome when the British attempt to defend Princeton?

7. What approach does George Washington take to decision making?

8. Why is the bridge at Assunpink Creek crucial for the Americans to protect?

9. What is George Washington's fear as his troops march toward Trenton?

10. How hasd the British view of the military situation in America change since the Hessian defeat at Trenton on Christmas Eve day, 1776?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does the recruitment of new troops become of great concern to George Washington? How significant is the number of troops reaching their term? What are these men planning to do? What does the army offer those willing to reenlist? In addition to money, what do these men recognize about their remaining in the army?

Essay Topic 2

What approach does the British military take in pursuing the American rebels across New Jersey? What effort do they make to engage the Americans?How long do the British Howe brothers believe the rebellion will last? As the winter of 1776 approaches, rather than engage in conflict, what do the British forces do?

Essay Topic 3

How do the War Councils of George Washington and Charles Cornwallis compare? How large are their respective councils? Who are the members? How do the respective commanders conduct their councils when making decisions? What is Cornwallis' approach to utilizing his council? How does Washington rely upon his council?

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