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David Hackett Fischer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Just one week before the Hessian loss in George Washington's surprise attack, many British leaders believe what?
(a) The American rebellion is nearly broken.
(b) The American rebellion is slowly regressing.
(c) The American rebellion is making little advancement.
(d) The American rebellion is at a standstill.

2. After crossing the Delaware River and arriving late, George Washington is beside himself when he realizes his forces will have to attack Trenton under what condition?
(a) After the enemy is awake and is up and about.
(b) In the nor'easter.
(c) In the nor'wester.
(d) In the daylight.

3. The Americans intend to use their artillery pieces as shock weapons against the enemy and as what else?
(a) Supporting arms for their own infantry.
(b) Supporting arms for their own marines.
(c) Supporting arms for reconnaissance forces.
(d) Supporting arms for search and destroy teams.

4. The title of this chapter, "The Bridge," refers to one crossing over which waterway?
(a) Matawan Creek.
(b) Pebble Creek.
(c) Delaware Creek.
(d) Assunpink Creek.

5. The victory of the Americans in their surprise attack on the Hessians that Mr. Fischer relates in "The Surprise" does what to the British view?
(a) Slightly alters it.
(b) Does not alter it,
(c) Completely alters it.
(d) Confirms it.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Hard Choices," the enemy is moving to the east side of what state?

2. What term does Benjamin Rush use to describe the mood of the American troops?

3. The American objective following their victory over the Hessians at Trenton, regardless of ease of defense, is to entice the enemy into an assault where?

4. When George Washington decides to march on Princeton, he orders his army to seize control of the highway where it crosses a bridge over what waterway?

5. As the weather worsens, the Americans do not make their return crossing over the river in pursuit of the Hessians until when?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does George Washington view as critical to the success of his attack on Trenton?

2. How does Charles Cornwallis view the American forces following their second victory at Trenton?

3. What role does military intelligence play in the Battle at Trenton?

4. How successful are the rebels in crossing the Delaware River?

5. To what is the title of the chapter called "Good Ground" a reference?

6. What factor does time play in the Battle for Trenton?

7. What is George Washington's fear as his troops march toward Trenton?

8. How hasd the British view of the military situation in America change since the Hessian defeat at Trenton on Christmas Eve day, 1776?

9. What is the outcome when the British attempt to defend Princeton?

10. Why is the nor'easter seen as a blessing in disguise?

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