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David Hackett Fischer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Intelligence has what to do with the Americans' success in "The Surprise" battle and the Hessian's failure?
(a) A minimal influence.
(b) Significant only in the Hessian's failure.
(c) Significant only in the Americans' success.
(d) A great deal.

2. How do the Americans rate the effectiveness of their artillery in combat with the British?
(a) Highly effective.
(b) Primarily used for loudness and smoke cover.
(c) Limited in effectiveness.
(d) Moderately effective.

3. The Hessian officers are angry about their defeat in the surprise victory by the rebels, and they want what?
(a) They are out for revenge on the Americans.
(b) They want to retaliate, but have no means.
(c) They merely want to return to Europe.
(d) They want an initial asault by the British with a Hessian mop up later.

4. The victory of the Americans in their surprise attack on the Hessians that Mr. Fischer relates in "The Surprise" does what to the British view?
(a) Completely alters it.
(b) Confirms it.
(c) Does not alter it,
(d) Slightly alters it.

5. Ultimately, the American artillery overpowers the Hessian guns, and the enemy does what when this happens in "The Surprise" battle?
(a) Overrun the Americans on horseback.
(b) Begin to flee their posts.
(c) Begin to regroup in their positions.
(d) Put up a final stand.

Short Answer Questions

1. While the location the Americans select is their own ground, it is not what?

2. What was George Washington's objective in seizing control of the bridge at Princeton?

3. When "The Surprise" battle is over, the Americans have won a decisive victory and the Hessians do what?

4. The Americans intend to use their artillery pieces as shock weapons against the enemy and as what else?

5. After crossing the Delaware River and arriving late, George Washington is beside himself when he realizes his forces will have to attack Trenton under what condition?

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