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David Hackett Fischer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the chapter entitled "Hard Choices," George Washington realizes he is in a delicate spot because if he makes any mistakes, or if fortune turns against him, he risks what?
(a) Setting the rebel cause back.
(b) Losing his plantation, Mount Vernon.
(c) Ruining the American cause.
(d) Losing militarily, but not terms of government rule.

2. How does the artillery affect the mobility of the American army during their march toward Trenton?
(a) Provides relative maneuverability.
(b) Presents only a moderate hindrance.
(c) They maintain a rapid speed.
(d) Imposes a major impediment.

3. The American objective following their victory over the Hessians at Trenton, regardless of ease of defense, is to entice the enemy into an assault where?
(a) In an American city.
(b) In the open American countryside.
(c) On the Americans' turf.
(d) Off the American coast.

4. George Washington has a smaller army but a larger War Council. Washinginton's War Council has more open meetings, proposes problems for advice about how to advance rather than having already made decisions, and includes what else?
(a) Enlisted troops, but no civilians.
(b) Any soldier, unlike Charles Cornwallis' small, aristocratic circle.
(c) Local citizens who are invited to attend and speak freely.
(d) Any officer or non-commissioned officer is invited to speak openly.

5. The battle at "The Bridge," about which this chapter is entitled, proves a victory for whom?
(a) The British and Hessians.
(b) The Americans.
(c) The British.
(d) The Hessians.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the Americans march toward Princeton, the odds have changed and they now outnumber the British by what ratio?

2. In battles at what locations do the Americans learn important lessons about artillery?

3. What was George Washington's objective in seizing control of the bridge at Princeton?

4. The Americans intend to use their artillery pieces as shock weapons against the enemy and as what else?

5. In "The Surprise," time is still of the essence for the Americans in this historical battle for what reason?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the initial assault on Trenton fare for the Americans?

2. What role does the determination of the Americans play in their success?

3. What deters George Washington from attacking Trenton when he originally plans?

4. What does Benjamin Rush's term "composure" indicate when describing the mood of the American rebels?

5. What effect do the Battles at Trenton and Princeton have upon the British?

6. What are some of the problems the Americans face as they pursue the enemy eastward across New Jersey?

7. What is the outcome when the British attempt to defend Princeton?

8. To what is the title of the chapter called "Good Ground" a reference?

9. How hasd the British view of the military situation in America change since the Hessian defeat at Trenton on Christmas Eve day, 1776?

10. What style of leadership is beginning to emerge on George Washington's part?

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