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David Hackett Fischer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What factor plays a significant role in British military training?
(a) Discipline.
(b) A significant number with criminal pasts.
(c) Purchasing rank levels.
(d) Allowance of wine at meals.

2. How certain is General William Howe about how successful the British army will be in opposition to the American rebels?
(a) He is convinced 99% of the success.
(b) He is unsure of the success.
(c) He is relatively sure of the success.
(d) He is certain of the success.

3. What do the British learn after mastering the skill of marching?
(a) Physical exercise.
(b) Hand-to-hand combat.
(c) Reconnaissance.
(d) Use of weapons.

4. What is the result of the strong demonstration in which General William Howe participates that is intended to force the Colonists back to their proper allegiance?
(a) The Battle of Yorktown.
(b) The Boston Tea Party.
(c) The Ride of Paul Revere.
(d) The Battle of Bunker Hill.

5. After what battle has General William Howe essentially given up?
(a) Bunker Hill.
(b) Yorktown.
(c) Trenton.
(d) Long Island.

Short Answer Questions

1. The first chapter, "The Rebels," foreshadows what events?

2. Admiral Lord Richard and General William Howe are stationed in the Colonies by whose orders?

3. In the chapter entitled "The Crisis," the author notes people already use the title "his Excellency" when speaking to George Washington, but identifies what other term as having a very different tone to it?

4. The Americans move to what state following their defeat in New York?

5. At the time of the American Revolution, which force is equal to the British army?

Short Essay Questions

1. What approach does George Washington take to decision making?

2. How does Charles Cornwallis view the American forces following their second victory at Trenton?

3. How hasd the British view of the military situation in America change since the Hessian defeat at Trenton on Christmas Eve day, 1776?

4. Why was George Washington selected as commander-in-chief of the American army?

5. How successful are the rebels in crossing the Delaware River?

6. How does General William Howe act following the Battle of Bunker Hill?

7. What is one of the largest problems George Washington is facing during the winter of 1776-1777?

8. How do the Hessians and British military forces differ in their approach to discipline?

9. "Washington's Crossing" by David Hackett Fischer is the story about what?

10. How does the author summarize George Washington's growth as a leader during the American Revolution?

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