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David Hackett Fischer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whatever happens, George Washington is adamant that he will strike against the enemy when?
(a) That day.
(b) By noon.
(c) By nightfall.
(d) Before midnight.

2. What do the Hessians do prior to the attack in "The Surprise?"
(a) Increase the number of security guards.
(b) Cut off patrols completely after a week of false alarms.
(c) Let their guard down.
(d) Maintain their vigilance despite alarms.

3. British commanders are highly skilled professionals who bond with one another as old boys, but are sensitive to what?
(a) Wealth and competence.
(b) Rank and privilege.
(c) Wealth and title.
(d) Education and rank.

4. The rebels return over the river in pursuit of the Hessians, but how large is this campaign?
(a) Equal in size to the first.
(b) Bigger than the first.
(c) 2/3 smaller than the first as the Hessians are widely dispersed.
(d) 1/3 smaller than the first.

5. As the weather worsens, the Americans do not make their return crossing over the river in pursuit of the Hessians until when?
(a) The second week of January, 1777.
(b) New Year's Eve.
(c) New Year's Day.
(d) The first week of January, 1777.

6. What are the British and Hessian troops noted for throughout the war in the Colonies?
(a) Getting an early start to their day.
(b) Getting to sleep after midnight every day.
(c) Getting a late start to their day.
(d) Getting a start before dawn every day.

7. What item of intelligence that the Hessians receive proves false in the battle Mr. Fischer details in "The Surprise?"
(a) The Americans have surrounded the city where the Hessians are.
(b) The American forces are three times their actual size.
(c) The Americans will be attacking from two fronts.
(d) The Americans have a significant cavalry force.

8. The Hessian officers are angry about their defeat in the surprise victory by the rebels, and they want what?
(a) They want an initial asault by the British with a Hessian mop up later.
(b) They are out for revenge on the Americans.
(c) They merely want to return to Europe.
(d) They want to retaliate, but have no means.

9. American artillery stands a chance of doing what to a formation of highly trained British and German Regulars?
(a) Barely intimidating them.
(b) Significantly harming them.
(c) Breaking them.
(d) Moderately damaging them.

10. While the location the Americans select is their own ground, it is not what?
(a) Easily overrun.
(b) Easily assaulted.
(c) Easily located.
(d) Easily defendable.

11. George Washington holds firmly to his resolve, which the author points out is one of the reasons the general's men regard him how?
(a) Love him.
(b) Stand by him.
(c) Follow him.
(d) Fear him.

12. In "Hard Choices," the author notes one of the biggest problems facing George Washington's army is recruiting new troops as many soldiers are reaching the end of their term and planning to do what?
(a) Leave to go home.
(b) Leave to serve in the navy.
(c) Leave to go home and continue farming.
(d) Leave to go home or serve in the navy.

13. The victory of the Americans in their surprise attack on the Hessians that Mr. Fischer relates in "The Surprise" does what to the British view?
(a) Completely alters it.
(b) Confirms it.
(c) Does not alter it,
(d) Slightly alters it.

14. What is George Washington's only order to his men throughout their march?
(a) Maintain courage.
(b) Move faster.
(c) Press on.
(d) Hold steady.

15. When do the American troops prepare to cross the Delaware River and invade Trenton?
(a) New Year's Eve.
(b) Christmas Eve.
(c) Christmas Day.
(d) St. Nicholas Day.

Short Answer Questions

1. The weather deteriorates as George Washington and his troops proceed, and what type of storm blows in?

2. From a military perspective, what is George Washington concerned about in the attack at Trenton?

3. In "Hard Choices," how does the author describe the task of getting the rebel troops together for another battle following their surprise victory over the Hessians?

4. Ultimately, the American artillery overpowers the Hessian guns, and the enemy does what when this happens in "The Surprise" battle?

5. George Washington's surprise victory over the Hessians causes British commanders to lose their initiative over the course of how long?

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