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David Hackett Fischer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what rate does the Hessian army expand?
(a) Very rapidly.
(b) Slowly.
(c) Somewhat quickly.
(d) Steadily.

2. After General Washington leaves New York, where do the British follow the Americans over the Hudson River ?
(a) Plymouth Rock.
(b) Palisades.
(c) Passaic.
(d) Palomar.

3. An illness tears through the troops that fight against the Americans during the summer of what year in the latter half of the 1770s?
(a) 1777.
(b) 1776.
(c) 1775.
(d) 1778.

4. What type of concept is the British light infantry?
(a) Ancient.
(b) Practiced only by British marines.
(c) New.
(d) Since early 1500s.

5. Who does not allow the Hessians the rest they request?
(a) Colonel Johann Gottlieb Rall.
(b) Lieutenant Andreas von Wiederholdt.
(c) General William Howe.
(d) Friedrich Wilhelm II.

6. The author's mentioning of Congress' taking steps toward a system of separate legislative and executive powers foreshadows what?
(a) The foundation of a democratic form of American government.
(b) The foundation of checks and balances for the current government.
(c) The foundation of a republican form of American government.
(d) The foreshadowing of voting rights regardless of sex or race.

7. The author describes Richard Stockton, as well as members of other notable New Jersey families, as having done what?
(a) Remaining independent of either side.
(b) Being staunch revolutionaries.
(c) Being unswayed loyalists.
(d) Playing both sides in the Revolution.

8. What does the British militia instruct beyond a general attitude?
(a) How to swim.
(b) How to hunt and cook.
(c) Use of the telegraph.
(d) Specific skills.

9. How certain is General William Howe about how successful the British army will be in opposition to the American rebels?
(a) He is certain of the success.
(b) He is relatively sure of the success.
(c) He is unsure of the success.
(d) He is convinced 99% of the success.

10. How frequently does the leader of the Hessian army conduct drills?
(a) Sporadically.
(b) Daily.
(c) Weekly.
(d) Alternating days.

11. What other group of individuals plays both sides well during the American Revolutionary War?
(a) Physicians.
(b) Tavern and inn owners.
(c) Merchants.
(d) Farmers.

12. Who expands the Hessian army?
(a) Friedrich Wilhelm II.
(b) Andreas von Wiederholdt II.
(c) Johann Gottlieb II.
(d) Wilhelm Karl Friedrich II.

13. Where does the Americans' intelligence methodology work better than it had in New York?
(a) Hudson River Valley.
(b) Harlem.
(c) Harpers Ferry.
(d) Boston.

14. In a way, General William Howe might be acknowledging what subsequent outcome of sthe Battle at Bunker Hill?
(a) The British will never concede.
(b) The British are already defeated.
(c) They will not lose with the support of the Hessians.
(d) Winning the battle means they will win the war.

15. Although the Colonists do not win this episode, after what incident does General William Howe come to believe the British will lose the war?
(a) The Battle of Yorktown.
(b) The Battle of Trenton.
(c) The Battle of Bunker Hill.
(d) The Battle of Long Island.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the Americans initially flee Long Island, what initially prevents their enemy from catching up?

2. According to the author, during the American's retreat following their defeat in New York, how do the rebels behave?

3. In order to put the Americans down and keep them down, General William Howe feels the British will have to be what?

4. Initially, General Washington and his remaining troops flee Long Island to what location?

5. Where in New York Harbor do the British and Hessian armies arrive?

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