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David Hackett Fischer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Retreat.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what location are the Americans just a few miles from where the British settle on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River?
(a) Fort Greene.
(b) Fort Lee.
(c) Fort Washington.
(d) Fort Delaware.

2. In addition to size, intelligence, and energy, what additional criterion is considered when selecting the British light infantry?
(a) Marksmanship.
(b) Marital status.
(c) Expertise with knives and sabers.
(d) Hand-to-hand fighting skills.

3. Rather than a retreat from New York, how does General Washington view the maneuver?
(a) As a "switch in fronts."
(b) As a "swing to the wing."
(c) As a "slide to the side."
(d) As "resorting gear at the rear."

4. The Hessian system of discipline differs from that of the British in that the Hessians make greater use of what?
(a) Uniform Code of Military Justice.
(b) Requiring extra drill practice.
(c) Corporal punishment.
(d) Royal legal system.

5. How frequently does the leader of the Hessian army conduct drills?
(a) Daily.
(b) Alternating days.
(c) Sporadically.
(d) Weekly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where in New York Harbor do the British and Hessian armies arrive?

2. What are the first British battalions to land?

3. In the first chapter, "The Rebels," the author foreshadows upcoming events by initially using what term?

4. What type of concept is the British light infantry?

5. Where does General William Howe become part of a strong demonstration intended to force the Colonists back to their proper allegiance?

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