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David Hackett Fischer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Retreat.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first chapter, "The Rebels," foreshadows which battles?
(a) The biggest.
(b) Merely sea battles.
(c) No battles.
(d) Every battle.

2. Believing the American rebellion is over, citizens of which city flee fearing the opposing forces are nearing?
(a) Philadelphia.
(b) Lancaster.
(c) Hoboken.
(d) Newark.

3. In a way, General William Howe might be acknowledging what subsequent outcome of sthe Battle at Bunker Hill?
(a) The British will never concede.
(b) They will not lose with the support of the Hessians.
(c) Winning the battle means they will win the war.
(d) The British are already defeated.

4. Rather than a retreat from New York, how does General Washington view the maneuver?
(a) As a "switch in fronts."
(b) As "resorting gear at the rear."
(c) As a "slide to the side."
(d) As a "swing to the wing."

5. The British military is very organized and feels training makes a significant contribution to what?
(a) Preservation of order.
(b) Morse Code.
(c) Scholastic apptitude.
(d) Flag signaling.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the British militia instruct beyond a general attitude?

2. At what location are the Americans just a few miles from where the British settle on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River?

3. How are Admiral Lord Richard and General William Howe related?

4. What is a big issue facing the American rebels?

5. Washington is not everyone's first choice as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Why is he selected?

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