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David Hackett Fischer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The March.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What factor plays a significant role in British military training?
(a) Purchasing rank levels.
(b) Discipline.
(c) Allowance of wine at meals.
(d) A significant number with criminal pasts.

2. What is George Washington's only order to his men throughout their march?
(a) Press on.
(b) Move faster.
(c) Hold steady.
(d) Maintain courage.

3. General William Howe feels he knows something else. What is it?
(a) Under sufficient pressure, the rebels will concede to the King's troops.
(b) The rebels will join the King's troops in opposition to the Hessians.
(c) The rebels will never see eye to eye with the King's troops.
(d) The rebels will be willing to negotiate with the King's troops.

4. After their victory in New York, the British make plans to settle down for the winter. However, what distance factor works against them in a big way?
(a) Movement of their troops and equipment has been costly.
(b) Ability to maintain effective communication and accurate intelligence.
(c) Fresh troops and supplies take a long time to reach America.
(d) Movement of their troops and equipment has been slow given the size.

5. How does the author describe the storm that breaks out on the day of the battle on which this book centers?
(a) A blessing in disguise.
(b) A minimal obstruction.
(c) A surmountable obstacle.
(d) Not an encumbrance.

Short Answer Questions

1. The American soldiers' determination truly shines through during this whole campaign, and as the author mentions, George Washington's own determination plays what role in their success?

2. The British pacification policy runs into problems arising from a lack of supply, and troops commonly doing what?

3. The American troops are given how many days' advance notice to get supplies and weaponry together to create the element of surprise in their attack on Trenton?

4. The Hessian troops are exhausted and want to move where to fully rest themselves?

5. How certain is General William Howe about how successful the British army will be in opposition to the American rebels?

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