Objects & Places from Washington's Crossing

David Hackett Fischer
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Continental Congress

This group begins the function of sovereignty, although each colony governs itself.


The story begins in this town where the Americans have driven out the British.


This town serves as the country's capital at this time.


The rebel armies suffer several crushing defeats on this island.

Staten Island

The British and Hessian troops land on this island.

Long Island

A battle named after this location is fought here in the summer of 1776.

Fort Lee

This location in New Jersey is where the American army retires after the fall of New York.


The battle at this location is the first big victory for the American cause, and is the pivotal point for the war.

Delaware River

The Americans do here what the British and Hessian troops think is impossible while weather conditions are abominable.


The second large victory for the American army...

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