Washington's Crossing Fun Activities

David Hackett Fischer
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Thomas Paine's Article

Students are to assume they are in a tavern between Philadelphia and Boston, and are settling in for the night in November 1776. Thomas Paine's series "The American Crisis" is available, and those spending the evening in the tavern are discussing the issues on which Paine is concentrating. The students are to compile a single page of the points customers are discussing and some of the responses that are coming forth at that time.

Washington's Log

Students are to place themselves in George Washington's position sometime following December 24-25, 1776. They are to imagine his feelings as he leads the American forces across the Delaware River through to the attack in Trenton. Students are to assume the role of Washington when compiling a single page logbook entry. They are to write as if he is detailing the Americans' accomplishment following that offense, reflecting upon his feelings.

Council of War

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