Washington's Crossing Character Descriptions

David Hackett Fischer
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General George Washington - This individual served as the American army's Commander in Chief.

Lord Charles Cornwallis - This individual lost an army at Yorktown.

Admiral Lord Richard Howe - This individual and his relative issued a proclamation that stated anyone pledging their allegiance with the King would receive a full pardon.

General William Howe - This individual rose quickly through the ranks of his army, becoming a Lieutenant at eighteen, a Captain at twenty-one, and a Lieutenant Colonel at the age of twenty-eight.

Colonel Johann Gottlieb Rall - This soldier dared the Americans to attack, whereupon the Americans claimed a victory and this individual fell mortally wounded.

Friedrich Wilhelm II - This professional soldier was strongly influenced by the Prussian army, the Roman Catholic Church, the European Enlightenment, and his hero, Frederick the Great.

General Nathanael Greene - This individual led the American troops through Manhattan...

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