Washington's Crossing Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

David Hackett Fischer
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The Rebels

• When the British leave Boston, many colonialists believe the war is over, but George Washington is not certain.

• George Washington believes the British will strike again, so he disperses his troops in New York City.

• George Washington is convinced this is where the British will strike next.

• George Washington is not the first choice for commander-in-chief, but southern delegates will only support a Continental army if a Virginian is chosen.

• George Washington is from Virginia, has command experience, and is young enough to take to the field.

The Regulars

• The British and Hessians arrive in New York Harbor off Staten Island.

• The British army is the world's preeminent fighting force.

• Military training is critical to the British and they continue at a furious pace once ashore.

• The British believe it preserves order and enforces obedience.

• The British are very organized in this regard.

The Hessians

• The...

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