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Ron Chernow
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Washington found himself in the middle of a controversy as the president of the _______________________ when it came out that membership included a hereditary clause.
(a) Republican party.
(b) Masons.
(c) Knights of Columbus.
(d) Society of Cincinnati.

2. Which of the Founding Fathers achieved a pair of treaties with France, boosting morale at Valley Forge?
(a) John Adams.
(b) George Washington.
(c) Thomas Jefferson.
(d) Benjamin Franklin.

3. Washington struggled all his life with ________________ problems.
(a) Sight.
(b) Romantic.
(c) Financial.
(d) Speech.

4. What did Washington do in an attempt to preserve his image for prosperity?
(a) Had people draw caricatures.
(b) Sketched some self portraits.
(c) Sat for life masks.
(d) Sat for several portraits.

5. By what margin did Washington win the presidency of the new country?
(a) 25%.
(b) 10%.
(c) Unanimous.
(d) 70%.

Short Answer Questions

1. Washington was always conscious of the __________________ he would leave for future generations.

2. Washington found himself __________________ by the poor attitude of the very people he and his soldiers were fighting for.

3. Within a few months of taking office, Washington became ill with a tumor ________________ that had to be excised by a surgeon.

4. Who was a French ambassador to the United States during the French Revolution?

5. What did Washington attend before leaving Philadelphia for retirement?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Washington do to improve his finances when he was struggling with his financial situation?

2. What were some of the hardships Washington's men suffered at Valley Forge in the Winter of 1777?

3. What was the condition of Mount Vernon upon Washington's return from war?

4. Although they remained friends after the war, what point did Washington and Lafayette disagree on?

5. Why was the Winter of 1779 similar to the one spent at Valley Forge for Washington and his men?

6. Which important battle would lead to the surrender of the British Army?

7. What was the Society of the Cincinnati?

8. What impression about himself was Washington very careful about preserving?

9. When did Washington leave the office of President and return to Mount Vernon as a private citizen?

10. What were the circumstances in which Washington was elected president?

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