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Ron Chernow
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Washington and his men spent the Winter of 1779 in which New Jersey town?
(a) Trenton.
(b) Morristown.
(c) Princeton.
(d) Bayonne.

2. Which battle would lead to the surrender of the British army?
(a) The Battle of Yorktown.
(b) The Battle of Saratoga.
(c) The Battle of Richmond.
(d) The Battle of Bunker Hill.

3. The overwhelming problem Washington had to deal with in the Summer of 1794 was a rebellion in Virginia and Pennsylvania against ____________________.
(a) The income tax.
(b) Civil rights.
(c) Women's rights.
(d) The whiskey tax.

4. What did Washington help plan while at the location in #102?
(a) The Declaration of Independence.
(b) The Boston Tea Party.
(c) The blueprints for the White House.
(d) The Battle of Yorktown.

5. Washington found himself in the middle of a controversy as the president of the _______________________ when it came out that membership included a hereditary clause.
(a) Masons.
(b) Republican party.
(c) Society of Cincinnati.
(d) Knights of Columbus.

Short Answer Questions

1. The rebellions in the state in #127 made it clear that the _______________________ needed to be written.

2. What did Mount Vernon require from Washington upon his return from war?

3. Which family member of his died while Washington was ill from the tumor?

4. Washington and his army spent the Winter of ________________ in Valley Forge.

5. Who did Washington appoint as his Secretary of the Treasury?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did General Charles Lee do that put Washington's men into the heat of battle and for which Lee later faced a court martial?

2. What were the circumstances in which Washington was elected president?

3. When did Washington leave the office of President and return to Mount Vernon as a private citizen?

4. How did Washington's actions regarding his slaves not belie his true feelings?

5. What personal health and family trauma affected Washington soon after he took office?

6. What impression about himself was Washington very careful about preserving?

7. What did Washington do to improve his finances when he was struggling with his financial situation?

8. What were some things that Washington did that made people think he was trying to establish a monarchy in America?

9. Which important battle would lead to the surrender of the British Army?

10. What did Washington do after he took the oath of office as president?

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