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Ron Chernow
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which battle took place the day after the Battle of Trenton?
(a) The Battle of Princeton.
(b) The Battle of Albany.
(c) The Battle of Richmond.
(d) The Battle of Syracuse.

2. Another decisive defeat of Washington's men by the British took place on Chatterton's Hill as both armies moved to dominate the ______________________.
(a) Olentangy River.
(b) Schenectady River.
(c) New York River.
(d) Hudson River.

3. Which river did Washington and his men cross during the night for a surprise attack on a Hessian garrison in Trenton?
(a) The Hudson River.
(b) The Princeton River.
(c) The Trenton River.
(d) The Delaware River.

4. The people of which states continued to support the British during the Revolutionary War?
(a) New York and New Jersey.
(b) New York and Virginia.
(c) South Carolina and Virginia.
(d) New Jersey and North Carolina.

5. George and Martha Washington married in January of what year?
(a) 1767.
(b) 1744.
(c) 1759.
(d) 1776.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of the farm inherited by Washington's eldest half-brother?

2. When did Washington inherit Mount Vernon?

3. When Washington married the woman in #53, he became a very wealthy man by appearances only because much of the money was set aside for _________________________.

4. In the Fall on 1755, Washington was made supreme commander of all military forces in _______________.

5. Washington saw himself as a/an _________________ slaveholder.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Washington maintain slaves even though he did not believe in it?

2. When did Washington leave the office of President and return to Mount Vernon as a private citizen?

3. How did Washington's actions regarding his slaves not belie his true feelings?

4. What were the terms that Washington wrote in his will about freeing his slaves?

5. What did General Charles Lee do that put Washington's men into the heat of battle and for which Lee later faced a court martial?

6. Why did some people not support Washington's attempts to defend them and secure independence for them?

7. Who were George Washington's parents and how many siblings did he have?

8. What did Washington do to improve his finances when he was struggling with his financial situation?

9. How was Washington's slave population impacted when he married Martha and how did he view himself as a slave owner?

10. How did destiny play a part in Washington's decision to join the army instead of the navy?

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