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Ron Chernow
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did many townspeople where Washington's army camped refuse to give the soldiers food and clothing?
(a) They were afraid the British would hang them.
(b) They had none to spare.
(c) They didn't know they were needed.
(d) They could sell to the British and make a profit.

2. Which battle would lead to the surrender of the British army?
(a) The Battle of Bunker Hill.
(b) The Battle of Yorktown.
(c) The Battle of Richmond.
(d) The Battle of Saratoga.

3. What was the name of the convention in #129?
(a) The Confederation Convention.
(b) The Patriot Convention.
(c) The Revolutionary Convention.
(d) The Constitutional Convention.

4. A short time after the Battle of Monmouth, the _________________ reinforcements arrived to assist Washington.
(a) Italian.
(b) Hessian.
(c) French.
(d) German.

5. Washington had to borrow _________________ to attend his own inauguration as First President of the United States.
(a) A carriage.
(b) A sword.
(c) Money.
(d) A suit.

6. How many years did Washington spend as President of the United States?
(a) 3.
(b) 5.
(c) 8.
(d) 10.

7. How many attempts did it take Washington to imprison Benedict Arnold?
(a) Seven.
(b) He never did.
(c) Two.
(d) Three.

8. General William Howe was replaced by whom after word of the French treat with the Americans?
(a) General James Lattimore.
(b) General William Burgoyne.
(c) General Henry Fairfax.
(d) General Henry Clinton.

9. Who was a French ambassador to the United States during the French Revolution?
(a) Francois Bernard Dupont.
(b) Charles Phillipe Brun.
(c) Jacques Laurent David.
(d) Edmond-Charles Genet.

10. Washington found himself in the middle of a controversy as the president of the _______________________ when it came out that membership included a hereditary clause.
(a) Republican party.
(b) Masons.
(c) Society of Cincinnati.
(d) Knights of Columbus.

11. Washington was always conscious of the __________________ he would leave for future generations.
(a) Money.
(b) Photographs.
(c) Monuments.
(d) Impression.

12. What was the name of the treaty John Jay reached with the British that angered the American people?
(a) The Jay Treaty.
(b) The Westmoreland Treaty.
(c) The Fairfax Treaty.
(d) The Nottingham Treaty.

13. Which of the following was NOT strained when Washington was forced to entertain so many visitors after the war?
(a) Patience.
(b) Sense of self.
(c) Finances.
(d) War stories.

14. Who did Washington appoint as his Secretary of the Treasury?
(a) Nathanael Greene.
(b) Henry Knox.
(c) Wallace Fairfax.
(d) Alexander Hamilton.

15. Washington and his army spent the Winter of ________________ in Valley Forge.
(a) 1773.
(b) 1781.
(c) 1788.
(d) 1777.

Short Answer Questions

1. Washington and his men spent the Winter of 1779 in which New Jersey town?

2. What did Washington put efforts toward preserving after the war?

3. How many years was Washington gone from his home to lead the Revolutionary army?

4. Washington proved himself to be a strong leader despite the ___________________ of those surrounding him.

5. Which of the Founding Fathers achieved a pair of treaties with France, boosting morale at Valley Forge?

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