Washington: A Life Character Descriptions

Ron Chernow
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George Washington

He trained as a surveyor as a young man and would nourish a lifelong love of land, coming to own a great deal of land in Virginia as well as the Ohio valley.

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington

Although Washington was possibly in love with another woman at the time, he selected this woman for a marriage that would last multiple decades.

Lawrence Washington

He was George Washington's older, half brother, and upon their father's death, was given a small farm near the Potomac River.

Sarah 'Sally' Cary Fairfax

She was the young, beautiful wife of Washington's friend.

John Adams

He was a delegate at the Continental Congress and one of the first to suggest Washington as the leader of the Continental Army.

Benedict Arnold

He was a general in the Continental Army who was unhappy that he had been passed over for promotion, and as a...

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