Washington: A Life Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ron Chernow
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Prelude: The Portrait Artist and Part 1, The Frontiersman: Chpaters 1-8

• George Washington's father, Augustine, married Mary Johnson Bell after the death of his first wife left him with three young children.

• Augustine and Mary had five children with George being the eldest.

• Washington's family moved a great deal in his early life because his father owned multiple properties throughout Virginia.

• Washington's father died when he was eleven, eliminating his hopes of going to boarding school like his two elder half-brothers; instead Washington was self taught.
• As a young man, Washington spent a great deal of time at Mount Vernon, the home of his eldest half-brother, Lawrence, in an attempt to escape his demanding and critical mother.

• Washington was introduced to Colonel William Fairfax who helped him pursue a career as a land surveyor after Washington's mother prohibited him from joining the Royal Navy.

• In the Spring of 1749, Washington...

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