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James Collier
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Goodrich says he can help Willy with _____________.
(a) Help proving Willy is not a slave.
(b) Help proving her mother is not a slave.
(c) Passage partway to Stratford.
(d) Legal bills.

2. Why doesn't Willy go to help get her uncle out of jail?
(a) The lawyer says she could come if she had some money.
(b) She has no decent clothes to wear.
(c) The lawyer does not want her to do so.
(d) She is afraid of being enslaved.

3. What example set by Horace does Willy say she'll do?
(a) Be polite to white folk.
(b) Go to church every Sunday.
(c) Save all her money.
(d) Say her evening prayers.

4. How does Willy want to get into New York?
(a) Circling around to the north and walking in on foot.
(b) She has no idea.
(c) By ferry.
(d) Crossing on a bridge.

5. Why is Horace uncomfortable?
(a) He is unsure how Mr. Fraunces will react to Willy.
(b) He just realized Willy is a girl.
(c) The cook teases him about a girl down the street.
(d) His mother admonishes him about bringing strangers home.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the woman that Willy talked to when she and Horace return to Canvas Town?

2. What does Horace think about Willy that is not true?

3. How do people make temporary housing in Canvas Town?

4. What is happening to the prisoners?

5. What does Willy learn from the woman she first encounters in Canvas Town?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens that makes Horace uncomfortable when he takes Willy to the kitchen of the Queen's Head for a meal?

2. What does Willy have to decide about seeing her mother, and why might it be dangerous?

3. What happens that makes Willy hang up a horse blanket in her part of the loft where she sleeps?

4. How do the British treat the American prisoners who are disembarking from the prison ships?

5. What does Willy learn from the woman when Willy returns to Canvas Town with some money?

6. What tips does Horace give Willy about lying when Willy lies about why she has no money?

7. How does Willy feel about what Mr. Goodrich tells her?

8. Describe Canvas Town.

9. How long has Willy's father been dead, and how is Willy feeling about her life?

10. What does Willy learn from a woman to whom she speaks in Canvas Town?

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