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James Collier
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Willy sit down at home to wait?
(a) Their is still a lot of fighting going on.
(b) She is tired.
(c) She figures her mother will be home soon.
(d) Her mother left her a note telling to wait for her.

2. What does the black man do after that?
(a) Grab Willy's breasts.
(b) Apologize to Lucy.
(c) Grab Willy's arm.
(d) Give Willy a gold coin.

3. What military fort is near Willy's house?
(a) Fort Griswold.
(b) Fort Annapolis.
(c) Fort Sumpter.
(d) Fort Lee.

4. Why does Jordan want Willy to go with him to the woods near the fort?
(a) To hold the horse while Jordan runs to the fort to give a message.
(b) To witness how awful war is.
(c) To bring the horse back home.
(d) To take a messag to Colonel Ledyard.

5. What does Willy think about instead of her father?
(a) The smells around her.
(b) The cow.
(c) The horse.
(d) Her mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one option Willy thinks about but discards?

2. How does Lucy get the cow?

3. What does Willy take that she feels badly about?

4. One does one of the black men ask Willy?

5. What message do the British send to the fort?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens that makes Horace uncomfortable when he takes Willy to the kitchen of the Queen's Head for a meal?

2. Describe Canvas Town.

3. What does Willy learn about her mother's last three years?

4. Who is Granny Hyde, and what does she tell Willy?

5. What does Willy's father say about seeing the British ships in the bay?

6. Why are Jack and his family no longer slaves?

7. How does Willy describe her memory of the day before the battle at Fort Griswold?

8. How do the British treat the American prisoners who are disembarking from the prison ships?

9. What happens that makes Willy hang up a horse blanket in her part of the loft where she sleeps?

10. What does Willy say about black men in the British army, and how do the two soldiers respond?

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