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James Collier
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willy decide to pretend?
(a) Her father is still alive.
(b) Her family lives in the city.
(c) She can return home whenever she wants.
(d) She is a boy.

2. Why does Mr. Fraunces send Willy to the docks?
(a) To draw a picture of the surrender of the British.
(b) To buy fish.
(c) To find a British officer who is a friend of Mr. Fraunces.
(d) To look for her mother.

3. What is the woman like whom Willy and Horace first encounter in Canvas Town?
(a) She is young and pretty.
(b) She is very old.
(c) She is a nun.
(d) She has been brutally beaten.

4. What does Mr. Fraunces tell Willy to do?
(a) Help Horace unload the wagon.
(b) Help the cook clean the pots and pans.
(c) Go to his office.
(d) Go and care for the horses.

5. What does Willy scream at Captain Ivers?
(a) He is responsible for the lives of his slaves.
(b) He is Satan.
(c) He allowed her mother to die.
(d) He is not her owner.

6. Whom does Willy go to see for help?
(a) The local constable.
(b) Mr. Goodrich.
(c) The Ledyards.
(d) No one.

7. What does Horace insist upon after learning about Willy being a girl?
(a) Helping her with the heavy work.
(b) Willy wearing a dress.
(c) Helping her cook.
(d) Sleeping in separate areas.

8. Why is Willy hesitant about pursuing the information Mr. Goodrich brings?
(a) She has finally finished mourning and does not want to lose her mother again.
(b) Captain Ivers might try to claim she is his slave.
(c) She does not know how to prevent the sale of the farm.
(d) Virginia is such a long distance.

9. What does Willy say about her mother?
(a) Willy is proud of her mother for surviving.
(b) She would not have recognized her if she had not known that it was her mother.
(c) Her mother will live if Willy can care for her.
(d) She does not look like she is dying.

10. Why does Willy think she should search Canvas Town?
(a) She would be safe there.
(b) Some of the women who are homeless end up in Canvas Town.
(c) Mr. Fraunces suggests that she do so.
(d) Someone saw a group of black women there.

11. Why can't Willy get a doctor to look at her mother?
(a) The closest doctor is fifty miles away.
(b) Captain Ivers has forbidden it.
(c) The area doctor is killed in the war.
(d) No doctor would attend a black person.

12. What is Mr. Fraunces' response to Willy's tale about her past?
(a) He offers her a job at the tavern.
(b) He says he does not believe her.
(c) He says she should start wearing dresses.
(d) He says she should go back to her family's farm.

13. Why does Willy say she has no money to get to New York?
(a) She dropped in when getting off a ship.
(b) She gave it to a blind beggar.
(c) She is a runaway slave.
(d) It was stolen.

14. What does Willy learn from the woman she first encounters in Canvas Town?
(a) Her mother has married a British soldier.
(b) Willy's mother had been there but was traveling home.
(c) The woman knows Willy's mother.
(d) Her mother works in the rich section of New York.

15. Why doesn't Willy go to help get her uncle out of jail?
(a) She is afraid of being enslaved.
(b) She has no decent clothes to wear.
(c) The lawyer says she could come if she had some money.
(d) The lawyer does not want her to do so.

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom does Horace work?

2. What does Horace say when Willy tells him goodbye?

3. Where had Lucy been during the Revolutionary War?

4. What does Willy notice about the Queen's Head?

5. How does Horace end up going with Willy to Canvas Town?

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