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James Collier
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has told Willy's uncle about New York?
(a) Captain Ivers.
(b) No one.
(c) Colonel Breechton.
(d) Sam Fraunces.

2. One does one of the black men ask Willy?
(a) If she wants to join the army.
(b) If she is a boy.
(c) If she has a husband.
(d) If she wants to go with them.

3. What does Jordan have to avoid when he goes to warn the Americans?
(a) Musket fire and cannon balls.
(b) The British front lines.
(c) The British rear guard.
(d) Native American scouts.

4. According to Willy, where are her freedom papers?
(a) She does not know.
(b) In the cabin back home.
(c) Her father had them on his person.
(d) In her pack.

5. What does Willy suddenly think might be possible?
(a) Her mother is dead.
(b) Her mother went to Willy's aunt and uncle's home.
(c) Her aunt will not want to take Willy in.
(d) Her aunt and uncle no longer live where they used to.

6. What does Captain Ivers say to his wife?
(a) To be quiet.
(b) To fix him some food.
(c) To find him a pen and paper.
(d) To look at Willy's papers.

7. What does Willy's mother say is safer for Jordan than fighting?
(a) Waiting on the American generals.
(b) Being a messenger for the American officers.
(c) Fishing on the bay.
(d) Being a slave.

8. Where is Jordan at the moment?
(a) Planting the fields.
(b) Fishing on the bay.
(c) In town seeing a doctor.
(d) Drilling with an American regiment.

9. Who are the two men that Willy and her mother encounter?
(a) Willy's father and uncle.
(b) Willy's father and his good friend.
(c) The neighbors to the South and West.
(d) Members of the Third New Jersey Volunteers.

10. Jordan warns the Americans about _____________.
(a) Tainted meat.
(b) British ships in the harbor.
(c) Livestock being stolen.
(d) The British offloading cannons.

11. What is Willy's most vivid memory of "that day"?
(a) The dog howling.
(b) An owl hooting.
(c) Men screaming.
(d) The sun flashing on the bayonets.

12. Who tells Willy to gather up her possessions and come to Granny's home?
(a) No one.
(b) Granny Hyde.
(c) Mrs. Ledyard.
(d) Willy's mother.

13. What do the two men say to Willy and her mother?
(a) They would like some milk from the cow.
(b) They did not know the cow belonged to a black family.
(c) Their fish were confiscated by the British.
(d) Their fish were confiscated by the Americans.

14. What does Willy say to the two black men?
(a) She thinks the British are mean.
(b) She did not know the British had black soldiers.
(c) She wishes the British would leave the area.
(d) Nothing.

15. What are Willy's first words to a British soldier?
(a) Her father will hurt him if he hurts her.
(b) Her brother is only ten and not to hurt him.
(c) She's a girl.
(d) She does not speak to the British soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrives while Willy is waiting for her mother?

2. Where does Willy stay near when she is traveling?

3. Why does Betsy cry when Willy is talking with her?

4. What military fort is near Willy's house?

5. Who tells Willy she cannot stay with her aunt and uncle?

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