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James Collier
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Willy fear for her father's life?
(a) He does not have his paperwork attesting to his freedom.
(b) He is on his way home and the path is near the conflict.
(c) Shots are being fired toward the bay.
(d) He is fighting with Washington's regiment.

2. Where does Willy stay near when she is traveling?
(a) The edge of the woods.
(b) The coastline.
(c) The beach.
(d) The marshes.

3. How will Willy get where she is going?
(a) Walking.
(b) The horse.
(c) Her father's boat.
(d) The wagon.

4. What does Willy learn about her mother?
(a) She went to retrieve her husband's body.
(b) She went to the Ledyard home.
(c) She is dead.
(d) The British took her.

5. Why is Uncle Jack at home?
(a) His owner needs him right now.
(b) He is on furlough.
(c) He is ill.
(d) He is wounded.

6. Who gives Willy a ride at one point on her travel?
(a) An old black man hauling potatoes.
(b) No one.
(c) A wounded black man in a wagon.
(d) A black family headed for New York in a wagon.

7. What does Captain Ivers order Willy to do?
(a) Cook him a meal.
(b) Give him her paper attesting to her freedom.
(c) Leave the house.
(d) Put on a dress.

8. How old is Willy?
(a) 13.
(b) 11.
(c) 15.
(d) 9.

9. What does Willy do?
(a) Tells him she is a girl.
(b) Turn and walk away.
(c) Slap the man.
(d) Blush.

10. Where is Willy determined to go?
(a) To the harbor.
(b) To retrieve her father's body.
(c) To the Ledyard home.
(d) To find her mother.

11. What do the two black men urge Lucy and Willy to do?
(a) Ask the British colonel for compensation for the cow.
(b) Head south towards Virginia.
(c) Go with them to talk to the black families in the area.
(d) Leave the area with the British.

12. What does Willy's mother say is safer for Jordan than fighting?
(a) Being a slave.
(b) Waiting on the American generals.
(c) Being a messenger for the American officers.
(d) Fishing on the bay.

13. Why does the soldier that grabs Willy laugh?
(a) She is so skinny.
(b) He thinks she is crazy to be searching for her mother.
(c) He does not laugh.
(d) He thinks she is using potatoes to look like a girl.

14. Who tells Willy to get out of the fort?
(a) An American soldier.
(b) A British soldier.
(c) William Latham.
(d) Her father.

15. Why does Willy sit down at home to wait?
(a) Their is still a lot of fighting going on.
(b) Her mother left her a note telling to wait for her.
(c) She figures her mother will be home soon.
(d) She is tired.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Willy, where are her freedom papers?

2. Where does Willy find her mother after leaving the fort?

3. What does Willy's mother tell her to do instead of watching who's passing by the house?

4. Why can't Willy do one of her daily chores today?

5. What military fort is near Willy's house?

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