Objects & Places from War Comes to Willy Freeman

James Collier
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The town in Connecticut near Willy's home.

The Third New Jersey Volunteers

The regiment to which the two men who kill the cow belong.

The Salt Marsh

Where the cow is kept until the soldiers kill her.


Where Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jack live.

Baker's Cove

Where Willy's father moored the boat after spotting the British in the bay.

Canvas Town

The section of New York City where people live in tents made of sailcloth stretched between chimneys and the walls of burned out buildings.

Richmond Hill

Where Mr. Goodrich is staying when he first meets Willy.

Yale College

The school located near the courthouse where Jack is being tried.

The Courthouse

The location where Willy faces Captain Ivers and receives papers declaring that she's free.

The Queen's Head

The name of the tavern where Willy works and lives.

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