War Comes to Willy Freeman Character Descriptions

James Collier
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Wilhelmina Freeman

She is thirteen on the day she sees the British arriving in the town near her home.


A young, black boy who is about the same age as Willy and who works for Sam Fraunces,

Jordan Freeman

Father of Willy and husband of Lucy, he is a free black man who works hard for his family and risks his life for that freedom.

Lucy Freeman

She prizes a cow given to her by their former owners above anything else because the cow represents ownership and freedom to her.

Jack Arabus

Willy's uncle by marriage, this character is in the military fighting for the Americans.

Betsy Arabus

She is still a slave, though her husband is free.

Black Sam Fraunces

A tavern owner in New York, who has a kind heart and befriends Willy.

Captain Ivers

When he discovers that Willy doesn't have the papers declaring...

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