War Comes to Willy Freeman Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Collier
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Chapters 1 through 3

• Willy, whose real name is Wilhemina Freeman, remembers the day the British landed near her town.

• Jordan and Lucy Freeman are Willy's parents and are the former slaves of Colonel Ledyard, who frees them in return for Jordan fighting in the war.

• Willy wishes her father were home as the British march by, but her mother says he is safer out fishing on the bay.

• Lucy sends Willy out to milk the cow, which is given to Lucy by Mrs. Ledyard for Lucy nursing a Ledyard child back to health.

• The cow represents freedom and ownership to Lucy.
• The sounds of cannon shots scare Willy, who fears for her father's life.

• Willy's mother tells her to forgo making the daily milk run to the Ledyard home because of the presence of British soldiers.

• Lucy and Willy run towards the cow when they hear a noise and...

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