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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the workers demand from the union leader?

2. Who does Joe accuse of racketeering?

3. What does Edna think about strikes?

4. Who is the smoker and drinker in Scene 3?

5. What does a main character complain that the talk of Lefty has turned the meeting into?

Short Essay Questions

1. What, if anything, justifies Fatt's use of a spy to avoid a strike?

2. What colors does Joe use to refute Fatt's accusations? Describe the situation of the workers.

3. In Scene 1 the play foreshadows many of the characters whose stories are told. Agate gives the reader a quick look back. Who are the characters he brings attention to and what are there issues?

4. Why does Fatt say being a "red" is so bad?

5. Is Fatt respected by the workers?

6. What are Dr. Barnes and Benjamin talking about when they refer to the "disease" and how is Benjamin affected by it?

7. How does the dialogue about smoking and drinking speak to the qualities of the two characters?

8. What are some reasons Joe doesn't want to strike?

9. How do Agate's and Fatt's picture of "reds" differ?

10. How has Sid's economic situation affected his self-esteem?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Women, particularly mothers, play very influential roles in the lives of the characters, especially Florence and Joe. How does the behavior of Florence's mother on her deathbed compare and contrast with Edna's motherly behavior toward her children. How do both the mothers' behaviors exemplify the difficult role women played in depression era America? What were your reactions and opinions about the roles of the women upon reading the play?

Essay Topic 2

The threat of violence is constant throughout the play. The most obvious manifestation of that violence is the "Gunman." Discuss the various manifestations of violence and the roles that violence plays in shaping the emotional and economic lives of the workers.

Essay Topic 3

Hunger is a marker in the play; food and/or the lack of it comes up in at least three scenes. How do discussions about hunger and food speak to the issue of social class? What characters can you put in a class hierarchy based on dialogue about hunger and/or food? What is that hierarchy and what evidence supports your arrangement? What do you know about persistent hunger in the USA, who it affects, and what your responsibility is for ending it?

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