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Short Answer Questions

1. What does it mean when a character is called "yellow?"

2. What does Fatt do to send the Gunman back to his original position?

3. How does Joe feel about being the man of the house?

4. What does Joe and Edna's daughter Emmy need before going to school the next day?

5. What is Fayette's attitude about death and war?

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes Scene 4 romantic?

2. Why is Dr. Barnes angry?

3. How has Sid's economic situation affected his self-esteem?

4. How does Fatt try to discourage the Voice from exposing the spy?

5. How does Odets forewarn the audience of Lefty's death?

6. How does the cry to strike become a battle cry?

7. How does Fatt attempt to dissuade workers from disagreeing with him?

8. What is the point of emphasizing the closeness of Philadelphia to the workers?

9. What is the benefit of having a speaker with experience with a strike talk to the workers?

10. What does Benjamin decide to do after being fired, and what had he been thinking about doing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The threat of violence is constant throughout the play. The most obvious manifestation of that violence is the "Gunman." Discuss the various manifestations of violence and the roles that violence plays in shaping the emotional and economic lives of the workers.

Essay Topic 2

How is the language of Agate and Fatt similar or different when they attempt to persuade workers? Which approach is most effective? Less successful? Why?

Essay Topic 3

In several instances, Fatt makes statements that the workers challenged. He says workers have hot suppers to go home to and the workers disagree. Fatt says Philadelphia is an hour away and the worker says two hours. What is the significance of getting the facts over seemingly minor details, which gives the appearance of quibbling over minor differences? How do minor inaccuracies detract from or add to the realities of the lives of the bosses and workers?

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