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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What quality in employees does the company reward?
(a) Loyalty.
(b) Networking skills.
(c) Independence.
(d) Playfullness.

2. What does Fatt do to send the Gunman back to his original position?
(a) He tells the Gunman to let the character speak.
(b) Nothing.
(c) He asks the workers to sit down.
(d) He waves his hand.

3. Who is Andy Gump?
(a) A mentally challenged movie character.
(b) A newspaper comic strip character.
(c) One of the employees who led the strike.
(d) The guy who worked in Laboratory A.

4. How does Edna react to Joe's attempts at affection?
(a) Slaps his face.
(b) Refuses to let him touch her.
(c) Welcomes his embrace.
(d) Gives him a back rub.

5. What does Fayette believe is the advantage of keeping certain employees drunk?
(a) You can cheat them out of wages.
(b) They work harder drunk than sober.
(c) Keeps them out of mischief.
(d) They are easier to justify firing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do workers become committee members?

2. What reasons does Joe give for not making more money?

3. What makes Miller especially vulnerable to exploitation?

4. Who are the two main characters in Scene 3?

5. What proof does Joe offer to contest Fatt's suggestion that workers had hot suppers to go home to?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Scene 1 the play foreshadows many of the characters whose stories are told. Agate gives the reader a quick look back. Who are the characters he brings attention to and what are there issues?

2. What are Dr. Barnes and Benjamin talking about when they refer to the "disease" and how is Benjamin affected by it?

3. How do you think Irv feels as a result of his behavior toward Florence?

4. Is Fayette's decision to fire Miller for refusing to spy on his supervisor morally right or wrong?

5. Is Florence right to put the family ahead of what she wants? Why or why not?

6. How does Fatt try to dismiss the workers?

7. Is striking the best option for the workers or should they have explored other possible solutions?

8. How does Scene 6 foreshadow what will happen to Benjamin?

9. How are Scenes 1 and 2 related?

10. What does Benjamin decide to do after being fired, and what had he been thinking about doing?

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