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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Joe call a Wop?
(a) Fatt.
(b) Himself.
(c) The Voice.
(d) Lefty.

2. In what war do 12 million men die?
(a) The Iraqi War.
(b) World War I.
(c) World War II.
(d) The Vietnam Conflict.

3. What does Fatt do after Joe comes forward?
(a) Sits at the end of the table.
(b) Turns his back to Joe.
(c) Sits and relights his cigar.
(d) Stands and crosses his arms.

4. What is Fayette's attitude about death and war?
(a) Families should be paid when soldiers die in war.
(b) Fayette believes death in war is honorable.
(c) Death is a good way to become a hero.
(d) War serves no useful purpose and life is wasted.

5. What does Edna threaten to do if Joe does not change his behavior?
(a) Buy herself a fancy new dress.
(b) Get a job at a diner.
(c) Move in with her best friend.
(d) Run away with an old boyfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the two main characters in Scene 3?

2. What two unions have failed at past strikes?

3. How does Odets foreshadow some of the main characters in the play?

4. How does Joe feel about being the man of the house?

5. What does Edna think about strikes?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Fayette's decision to fire Miller for refusing to spy on his supervisor morally right or wrong?

2. How does Odets forewarn the audience of Lefty's death?

3. Why is Dr. Barnes angry?

4. What does Agate's dialogue about the union button imply?

5. Is Miller's use of violence against Fayette an acceptable response to being fired?

6. Who speaks for the workers?

7. Is Fatt respected by the workers?

8. How are Scenes 1 and 2 related?

9. Besides going to bed hungry, how else are the children affected by Joe and Edna's financial situation?

10. How does Agate's approach to the workers compare with that of Clayton the spy's approach in Scene 5?

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