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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the characters assemble in the first scene?
(a) To listen to sports on radio.
(b) To eat dinner at a restaurant.
(c) To talk about a strike.
(d) To play a game of cards.

2. Who are the two Hollywood stars imitated by the buying public?
(a) Crawford and Garbo.
(b) Gable and Garbo.
(c) Monroe and Miller.
(d) Cosby and Gibson.

3. What is being developed in Laboratory A?
(a) A cure for tuberculosis.
(b) The atomic bomb.
(c) Poison gas.
(d) A newly designed gas mask.

4. What motivates the Gunman to move from his original position to center stage?
(a) Someone gets into a shoving match with Fatt.
(b) He is told to quiet the crowd.
(c) A character moves to the front to speak.
(d) He is checking the agenda located on the table.

5. Why does Joe think the workers need to strike?
(a) Because it makes the bosses look bad.
(b) So the workers can have extra money for vacations.
(c) He doesn't. He believes striking is for losers.
(d) The workers are supporting the company rather than the family.

6. Who is the "top man" behind workers?
(a) The boss and his executives.
(b) Management.
(c) The man in the White House.
(d) Union representatives.

7. What is the state of consumer markets?
(a) They are losing money.
(b) They are expanding.
(c) They are stagnant.
(d) They are contracting.

8. What does Joe mean when he refers to "black and blue boys?"
(a) Veterans of the war.
(b) Members of a certain sports team.
(c) Newspaper boys.
(d) Workers mistreated by their employers.

9. In Scene 2, what does Joe find when he arrives home from work at the end of the day?
(a) An old friend who had come to visit.
(b) The police waiting to arrest him.
(c) A new couch and chair.
(d) A living room without furniture.

10. How much do Joe and Edna pay for rent?
(a) Ten dollars a week.
(b) Six dollars a week.
(c) Five dollars a day.
(d) Fifteen dollars a month.

11. What does Edna think about strikes?
(a) Strikes do not work.
(b) She's not sure.
(c) Strikes are too risky.
(d) Strikes can work.

12. Why doesn't Edna want Joe to wake the children?
(a) Because the children will realize they haven't eaten supper.
(b) They might disturb the game on the radio.
(c) They want some private time to themselves.
(d) They are going out for the evening.

13. Which of Joe and Edna's bills needs to be paid right away?
(a) Furniture installment.
(b) Rent.
(c) The heat bill.
(d) The light bill.

14. What does Edna say Joe's boss is giving the kids?
(a) Rickets.
(b) Stress and anxiety.
(c) Toys.
(d) A new pair of shoes.

15. Why is a character called a "red?"
(a) He wears a red tie to the meeting.
(b) His face is red with anger.
(c) He disagrees with the union representative.
(d) He disagrees with the union workers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Edna imply that her current financial situation is causing to happen to her?

2. Who has ordered the research in Laboratory A?

3. What is Fayette's attitude about death and war?

4. What is Joe paying his dues to?

5. Who helps Joe overcome his fear of fighting for a living wage and make up his mind?

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