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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Miller especially vulnerable to exploitation?
(a) He is too agreeable.
(b) He is a foreigner.
(c) He earned his degree in a foreign country.
(d) He does not write well.

2. What motivates the Gunman to move from his original position to center stage?
(a) He is told to quiet the crowd.
(b) A character moves to the front to speak.
(c) He is checking the agenda located on the table.
(d) Someone gets into a shoving match with Fatt.

3. Why is the research in Laboratory A so important at the time of the play?
(a) It is just regular research and not that important.
(b) It protects soldiers fighting in the current war.
(c) It saves lives from disease.
(d) It prepares the United States for future wars.

4. What two unions have failed at past strikes?
(a) Textile and steel.
(b) Dock and auto workers.
(c) Textile and taxi drivers.
(d) Teamsters and canners.

5. How does Miller initially feel about the new job assignment?
(a) Displeased.
(b) Very happy.
(c) Suspicious.
(d) Lukewarm.

6. Why does Joe think the workers need to strike?
(a) So the workers can have extra money for vacations.
(b) He doesn't. He believes striking is for losers.
(c) Because it makes the bosses look bad.
(d) The workers are supporting the company rather than the family.

7. What does Joe initially think about strikes?
(a) People lose their jobs.
(b) Strikes do not work.
(c) Strikes work.
(d) He's not sure.

8. Who helps Joe overcome his fear of fighting for a living wage and make up his mind?
(a) Miller.
(b) Lefty.
(c) His wife.
(d) Sol Feinberg.

9. What does Fatt do to send the Gunman back to his original position?
(a) He asks the workers to sit down.
(b) He waves his hand.
(c) He tells the Gunman to let the character speak.
(d) Nothing.

10. What does Edna think about strikes?
(a) Strikes do not work.
(b) Strikes can work.
(c) She's not sure.
(d) Strikes are too risky.

11. What do the hackers need to do to be successful?
(a) Send the Gunman out of the meeting hall.
(b) Meet behind closed doors and make a plan.
(c) Stand up like men and fight for their families.
(d) Pay off the union leaders.

12. What does Joe tell Edna he had for lunch when he gets home from work?
(a) Soda and crackers.
(b) Coffee.
(c) Burger and fries.
(d) Milkshake.

13. Who is the president as named in this scene?
(a) Roosevelt.
(b) Johnson.
(c) Truman.
(d) Hoover.

14. Who are the two main characters in Scene 3?
(a) Fayette and Siegfried.
(b) Siegfried and Miller.
(c) Miller and Fatt.
(d) Miller and Fayette.

15. How is Miller treated at the beginning of the meeting?
(a) He is chastised.
(b) He is told he is under investigation.
(c) He is offered lunch.
(d) He is given compliments.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does it mean when a character is called "yellow?"

2. What is the role of the character chewing on a toothpick?

3. Who has ordered the research in Laboratory A?

4. Which character is accused of taking a "run-out powder?"

5. What does a main character complain that the talk of Lefty has turned the meeting into?

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