Waiting for Lefty Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Fatt try to convince the workers not to take action?

Fatt tries several strategies to prevent workers from walking out. First, he says that workers would be at risk for violent injury or starvation if they go on strike. Then he says that the new president of the United States is looking out for workers, unlike the previous president. Next, he offers into evidence the newspapers to prove his points.

2. How does Fatt attempt to dissuade workers from disagreeing with him?

He tries to shame workers who complain by calling them cowards and "reds," implying that they are against American business. When others speak strongly against Fatt, Gunman tries to quiet them through intimidation and/or physical violence.

3. Why does Fatt say being a "red" is so bad?

Fatt claims that "reds" turn women into prostitutes, stamp out Christianity, wreck families, and kill babies. These are examples of American values that "reds" destroy.

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