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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the role of the character chewing on a toothpick?
(a) To bring food.
(b) To maintain order.
(c) To get the minutes approved.
(d) To keep score for the game.

2. Who is the "top man" behind workers?
(a) The man in the White House.
(b) Union representatives.
(c) The boss and his executives.
(d) Management.

3. What does it mean to "take a run-out powder?"
(a) Take a quick trip somewhere.
(b) Take medicine for an upset stomach.
(c) Not leave when asked.
(d) Not show up as promised.

4. Where does Florence work?
(a) In the steel plant.
(b) In a nursing home.
(c) Next to the movie theater.
(d) Behind the counter.

5. What does Joe mean when he says, "I rode the wheels off the chariot."?
(a) He rode on a bus over 100 miles.
(b) The front wheel has fallen off his motorcycle.
(c) His cab has a flat tire.
(d) He has done a lot of driving.

Short Answer Questions

1. What proof does Joe offer to contest Fatt's suggestion that workers had hot suppers to go home to?

2. What does Edna fear will happen to the kids' bodies if they don't eat better?

3. What is the relationship between Joe and Edna?

4. Who helps Joe overcome his fear of fighting for a living wage and make up his mind?

5. Where do Florence and Sid get the scene they act out?

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