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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the first act, when Estragon complains because Vladimir woke him up, Vladimir tells Estragon he woke him up because
(a) He felt lonely.
(b) Estragon was snoring.
(c) He just felt like it.
(d) It was Estragon's turn to keep watch.

2. During the conversation in Act I, after telling Estragon and Vladimir how terrible Lucky is, Pozzo
(a) Tries to kidnap Estragon.
(b) Decides to turn him over to the police.
(c) Falls asleep and starts to snore.
(d) Tells them everything he said was a lie.

3. Pozzo asks Estragon how old he thinks Vladimir is. Estragon tells him
(a) 11 years.
(b) 30 years.
(c) 21 years.
(d) 50 years.

4. During the conversation about Lucky and the packages, Pozzo yanks on the rope to get his attention and calls him a
(a) Good friend.
(b) Lazy bum.
(c) Fool.
(d) Pig and a hog.

5. What is the last thing Lucky does at end of Act I?
(a) He gives a long speech full of gibberish.
(b) He falls asleep and takes a nap.
(c) He picks up his packages and waits silently.
(d) He laughes at Estragon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Vladimir and Estragon talk about the crucifixion of Jesus and the different views of the four Evangelists who record that event. What is the topic that is described differently between the four Evangelists?

2. What does Estragon tell Vladimir happened to him during the night?

3. When Vladimir goes off stage to go to the bathroom, Estragon asks Pozzo to come and look at something. Together they look at

4. When Pozzo observes that Lucky has stopped crying, but Estragon is now crying. Pozzo explains that

5. Who offers to give Lucky his hat so that he can perform at the end of Act I?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Pozzo leaves in Act I, a boy enters the stage with information for Estragon and Vladimir. Vladimir asks the boy if he is the same boy who came yesterday. What does the boy tell them, and what is his explanation for being late?

2. When Vladimir wakes Estragon up in Act II and he finds Lucky's hat, what does Vladimir suggests they do to pass the time?

3. Pozzo smokes a pipe after dinner. He tells Estragon and Vladimir that even though the second pipe is sweet, it is not as sweet as the first. Why might Pozzo believes the first pipe is sweeter, and why does Pozzo have the second pipe? What does this contribute to the mood of the play?

4. Before the boy leaves at the end of Act II, what does Vladimir ask him to do?

5. After Estragon and Vladimir help Pozzo get up in Act II, Pozzo asks them if they are his friends. How do Estragon and Vladimir respond?

6. When Pozzo wants to sit down in Act I, what does he ask Estragon to do?

7. In Act I, Estragon and Vladimir have a long conversation about waiting for Godot and their helplessness. Finally, Estragon exclaims he is hungry! What food does Vladimir offer Estragon, and what food does he actually produce? Why might Beckett chose these particular foods?

8. Estragon and Vladimir talk about the tree again in Act II and the possibility of hanging themselves. They realize they need rope. What do they consider as a possible solution, and what is the problem with that?

9. How do Pozzo and Lucky first enter the stage and why do you think Beckett creates their characters this way?

10. Toward the end of Act II, after Pozzo and Lucky leave, the boy returns. Vladimir asks the boy if he recognizes him. How does the boy respond?

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