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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Pozzo observes that Lucky has stopped crying, but Estragon is now crying. Pozzo explains that
(a) People cry when they are unhappy.
(b) Crying is a normal and natural response to pain.
(c) Everybody in the world is crying.
(d) There is a constant quantity of tears and laughter in the world and that when one person stops laughing or crying, another can laugh or cry.

2. Instead of leading him with the rope, Pozzo drives Lucky forward with a
(a) Gun.
(b) Sword.
(c) Stick.
(d) Whip.

3. Responding to Pozzo's request for help sitting down, Estragon tells Pozzo that if he does not sit down, Pozzo will
(a) Have to leave.
(b) Fall asleep standing up.
(c) Get bad cramps.
(d) Get pneumonia.

4. After Lucky reacts to Estragon's attempt to make him feel better, Estragon then reacts by
(a) Giving Lucky a hug.
(b) Kicking him really hard.
(c) Dramatically claiming he is crippled.
(d) Fainting.

5. During their initial conversation in the first act, what does Estragon tell Vladimir is unbuttoned?
(a) The buttons on his shoes.
(b) The buttons on his fly.
(c) The buttons on his pocket.
(d) The buttons on his shirt.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lucky hears Pozzo talking to Estragon and Vladimir about the fair, he starts to

2. When Estragon and Vladimir first see Pozzo and Lucky, they

3. When Estragon complains that he will never walk again, Vladimir tells Estragon that, if necessary, he will

4. What is the most significant thing on the stage? It is talked about several times during the play.

5. When Vladimir talks about leaving, Pozzo asks him what will happen to his appointment with Godot because he believes Godot

Short Essay Questions

1. Estragon is closely associated with a particular prop. What is that prop? Why do you think Beckett chose that prop and what does it contribute to the play?

2. How does Estragon react in Act II when he decided to kick Lucky and ended up hurting his foot in the process?

3. What happens when Estragon tries to help Lucky when is is crying?

4. After Estragon and Vladimir help Pozzo get up in Act II, Pozzo asks them if they are his friends. How do Estragon and Vladimir respond?

5. Estragon and Vladimir keep discussing whether they should help Pozzo while Pozzo keeps repeating his pleas for help. Do Estragon and Vladimir finally agree to respond to Pozzo's requests for help? Why or why not?

6. Estragon and Vladimir have a second conversation about radishes and carrots. How does the conversation differ from the one in Act I and why might Beckett includes this second conversation?

7. What does Pozzo tell Estragon and Vladimir about tears and laughter?

8. After Pozzo leaves in Act I, a boy enters the stage with information for Estragon and Vladimir. Vladimir asks the boy if he is the same boy who came yesterday. What does the boy tell them, and what is his explanation for being late?

9. How does the idea of hanging and Estragon and Vladimir's inability to come up with a workable plan contribute to the atmosphere of the play?

10. When Pozzo and Lucky come across Estragon and Vladimir on the second day, what has changed, and what has stayed the same?

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