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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act I, the relationship between Pozzo and Lucky is demonstrated by the fact that each time Pozzo asks Lucky to bring him something, Lucky
(a) Pulls at the rope trying to run away.
(b) Puts each parcel down, brings the item to Pozzo, and picks up each package again.
(c) Begs Estragon and Vladimir to help him.
(d) Ignores Pozzo and continues to sleep.

2. While discussing the hanging, Vladimir asks Estragon what they should do. Estragon replies
(a) "Don't let's do anything. It's safer."
(b) "Let's do it right away."
(c) "Let's find another tree so that we can both hang."
(d) "We can think more about it."

3. A piece of costuming that Estragon, Vladimir, Pozzo, and Lucky wear throughout the play is a
(a) Pair of shorts.
(b) Hat (bowler).
(c) Silver buckle.
(d) Long-sleeve shirt.

4. During the first part of Act I, Estragon keeps looking for something that he doesn't find in what?
(a) The tree.
(b) The sky.
(c) His shoes.
(d) His hat.

5. Estragan pities Lucky, so Pozzo gives him a
(a) Whip so that he won't be afraid anymore.
(b) Stool so that he can give it Lucky and let him sit down.
(c) Stick so that he can hit Lucky and stop him from crying.
(d) Handkerchief to comfort Lucky telling Estragon to wipe away his tears.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the fundamental relationship between Pozzo and Lucky?

2. Pozzo tells Estragon and Vladimir that the reason Lucky won't put the packages down is that Lucky wants to

3. When Act I opens, Estragon is

4. During the first part of Act I, Vladimir keeps looking for something that he doesn't find in what?

5. After Estragon's leg is hurt, what does Pozzo tell him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Toward the end of Act II, after Pozzo and Lucky leave, the boy returns. Vladimir asks the boy if he recognizes him. How does the boy respond?

2. Just before he finally leaves in Act I, what does Pozzo observe about leaving? What does he feel he needs to do to be able to leave?

3. What does Estragon do to Lucky later in Act I to get revenge for what Lucky did to him earlier?

4. Why do you think Beckett uses the moon to illuminate the stage? Remember that moonlight is different than sunlight and that the moon becomes part of the play in the same way that the tree does.

5. How do Pozzo and Lucky first enter the stage and why do you think Beckett creates their characters this way?

6. Before the boy leaves at the end of Act II, what does Vladimir ask him to do?

7. What does Pozzo have for dinner and what do Estragon, Vladimir, and Lucky eat?

8. Estragon and Vladimir talk about the tree again in Act II and the possibility of hanging themselves. They realize they need rope. What do they consider as a possible solution, and what is the problem with that?

9. The set is very bare with the exception of one significant thing. What is it, and why do you think Beckett used this particular thing?

10. Estragon and Vladimir can't seem to figure out who Pozzo and Lucky really are in Act II. In their confusion, they call them two names that are related. What are those names, and how do these names give some additional depth to the relationship between Pozzo and Lucky?

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