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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the conversation in Act I, after telling Estragon and Vladimir how terrible Lucky is, Pozzo
(a) Falls asleep and starts to snore.
(b) Tells them everything he said was a lie.
(c) Decides to turn him over to the police.
(d) Tries to kidnap Estragon.

2. At the very beginning of Act I, Vladimir enters the stage where he finds Estragon. Vladimir asks him where he spent the night. Estragon tells him he spent the night
(a) In the park.
(b) At the Holiday Inn.
(c) In a ditch.
(d) On a bench.

3. After eating and disposing of the chicken bones, Pozzo finally decides to relax and
(a) Listen to some music.
(b) Smoke his pipe.
(c) Have an after dinner mint.
(d) Take a quick nap.

4. Pozzo tells Estragon and Vladimir that you can't drive creatures like Lucky away and that it would be better to
(a) Trick him into leaving.
(b) Reward him.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Teach him a lesson.

5. In the first act, after Estragon falls asleep, Vladimir
(a) Wakes him up abruptly.
(b) Reads the papers in his pockets.
(c) Wanders off.
(d) Lies down next to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Pozzo first introduces himself, he tells Estragon and Vladimir that they are

2. Responding to Pozzo's request for help sitting down, Estragon tells Pozzo that if he does not sit down, Pozzo will

3. Lucky is clearly working extremely hard carrying packages and serving Pozzo. He is so exhausted that he finally

4. The main characters call each other

5. During the course of the play, Estragon asks Vladimir if he is sure they are waiting in the right spot. In Act I, in response to Estragon's concern, Vladimir reminds him they were told to wait by the

Short Essay Questions

1. Estragon and Vladimir frequently fall asleep throughout the play. Why do you think Beckett uses that as a thread throughout the play.

2. Vladimir asks Estragon if he has ever read the Bible. What does Estragon tell him?

3. What happens when Estragon tries to help Lucky when is is crying?

4. Why do you think Beckett uses the moon to illuminate the stage? Remember that moonlight is different than sunlight and that the moon becomes part of the play in the same way that the tree does.

5. How does Estragon reply to Vladimir's statement that he can't go barefoot?

6. What does Lucky do to entertain Estragon, Vladimir, and Pozzo. What is Lucky's name for it and why?

7. When Vladimir wakes Estragon up in Act II and he finds Lucky's hat, what does Vladimir suggests they do to pass the time?

8. In Act I, Estragon and Vladimir have a long conversation about waiting for Godot and their helplessness. Finally, Estragon exclaims he is hungry! What food does Vladimir offer Estragon, and what food does he actually produce? Why might Beckett chose these particular foods?

9. Estragon and Vladimir keep discussing whether they should help Pozzo while Pozzo keeps repeating his pleas for help. Do Estragon and Vladimir finally agree to respond to Pozzo's requests for help? Why or why not?

10. After Estragon and Vladimir talk about the fact that Estragon got beaten again, Vladimir finally notices the tree. They have another discussion about the tree. What is interesting to note about Vladimir's observation versus the reality of the tree?

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