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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Pozzo and Lucky are leaving near the end of the play, Vladimir asks Pozzo what they do when they fall down and there is no one to help them. Pozzo tells him
(a) They beg for help until someone takes pity on them.
(b) They take the opportunity to take a nap.
(c) They pay someone to pick them up.
(d) They wait until they can get up.

2. After he wakes up from his nightmare, Estragon gets irritated because Vladimir won't stop
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Talking.
(c) Laughing at him.
(d) Moving and walking.

3. When the boy comes toward the end of the second act, Vladimir asks him if he has seen anybody. The boy tells him
(a) He wasn't paying attention.
(b) He saw two people traveling together.
(c) That there were many people on the road.
(d) He has seen no one.

4. What does Vladimir ask the boy to tell Mr. Godot on the second day?
(a) That Vladimir and Estragon will wait in a different place tomorrow.
(b) That Vladimir and Estragon will wait as long as he wants them to.
(c) That Vladimir and Estragon are tired of waiting.
(d) That he saw Vladimir.

5. As they are preparing to leave at the end of Act I, Estragon looks at the tree and tells Vladimir that
(a) They could use the tree for fire wood.
(b) It's too bad they don't have some rope.
(c) The tree looks like it might be dying.
(d) It looks like an apple tree.

6. Estragon and Vladimir agree that they work well as a team so, in Act II, they decide to work together to
(a) Cut the tree down for firewood.
(b) Clean up the area.
(c) Put the boots they found on Estragon.
(d) Find food because they are hungry.

7. In Act II, Estragon remembers some of the things that happened the day before including:
(a) Losing his boots.
(b) Sleeping under the tree.
(c) Going into the town and buying some food.
(d) Being kicked by someone and being given a bone.

8. What does the boy tell Vladimir about Mr. Godot on the second day?
(a) That he no longer works for Mr. Godot and has no message.
(b) That Mr. Godot can not come tonight but will come tomorrow without fail.
(c) That Mr. Godot will see them later that evening.
(d) That Mr. Godot will not ever come.

9. In the dialogue at the beginning of Act II, Vladimir talks Estragon into saying he is happy. Once Estragon makes the statement that he is happy, he asks Vladimir about what they should do now. Vladimir tells him they should
(a) Go take a shower.
(b) Wait for Godot.
(c) Go get something to eat.
(d) Buy Estragon some new boots.

10. In Act II, Vladimir tells Estragon that if he will help him pick up Pozzo, they will go together to
(a) The beaches.
(b) Find Godot.
(c) Find food for dinner.
(d) The Pyrenees.

11. When Pozzo asks Estragon and Vladimir if they are at a place called the Board, Vladimir describes the surroundings, and Pozzo tells him
(a) It is the place at the center of town.
(b) This can not be the Board
(c) The Board is a place where games are played.
(d) The Board is a room where people meet to make decisions.

12. What is different about Pozzo and Lucky when they return the next day?
(a) Pozzo is blind and Lucky is mute.
(b) Pozzo is blind and Lucky has the whip to beat him.
(c) Pozzo can't walk and Lucky has to carry him.
(d) Lucky is the landowner and Pozzo is his beaten servant.

13. Toward the end of the first act, Estragon wonders if he and Vladimir
(a) Wouldn't have been better off alone.
(b) Should find a better place to wait for Godot.
(c) Should go looking for Godot.
(d) Should move away.

14. When Vladimir tries to talk to Estragon about what happened the day before with the tree and Pozzo and Lucky, Estragon tells him
(a) The tree now has leaves.
(b) Lucky finally ran away.
(c) He has forgotten everything.
(d) Pozzo and Lucky have left.

15. Just as Act I is ending,
(a) Estragon and Vladimir fall asleep.
(b) Estragon and Vladimir eat.
(c) A boy enters the stage.
(d) Pozzo and Lucky come back.

Short Answer Questions

1. Vladimir asks the boy in Act II if he is the same boy who came yesterday. The boy tells him

2. As the boy is about to leave at the end of Act I, he asks Vladimir what he should tell Mr. Godot. Vladimir tells him to tell Mr. Godot that

3. At the beginning of Act II, Vladimir sings a song about a

4. In Act II, Estragon and Vladimir talk aimlessly for awhile and have a hard time keeping up the conversation. Vladimir begs Estragon to speak. Finally, Estragon asks what they should do now, and Vladimir tells him they should

5. Who does the boy tell Estragon and Vladimir that Mr. Godot beats?

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