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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pozzo say is in his bag near the end of the play?
(a) Money.
(b) Food.
(c) Sand.
(d) Gravel.

2. Toward the end of the first act, Estragon wonders if he and Vladimir
(a) Should find a better place to wait for Godot.
(b) Wouldn't have been better off alone.
(c) Should move away.
(d) Should go looking for Godot.

3. In Act II, Estragon and Vladimir discuss how to handle Pozzo, but they are concerned because
(a) They are afraid Pozzo will be able to hit them with the whip.
(b) They are afraid Pozzo is too strong for them.
(c) They are afraid Pozzo and Lucky are trying to trick them.
(d) They are afraid of Lucky and his potential for violence.

4. In Act II, Estragon and Vladimir talk aimlessly for awhile and have a hard time keeping up the conversation. Vladimir begs Estragon to speak. Finally, Estragon asks what they should do now, and Vladimir tells him they should
(a) Go find Godot.
(b) Get something to eat.
(c) Wait for Godot.
(d) Take a nap.

5. As Act I is ending, Vladimir tells Estragon that everything will be better tomorrow because
(a) They will be going on a trip.
(b) They will go to visit Mr. Godot.
(c) They will be seeing Pozzo and Lucky.
(d) The boy told them that Godot will come tomorrow.

6. When Vladimir tells Estragon he is happy in Act II, how does Estragon react?
(a) He is shocked.
(b) He says he is happy too.
(c) He is sad.
(d) He is hurt.

7. Estragon realizes it is too late for Godot to come by the end of the second day. Vladimir agrees because it is
(a) Snowing.
(b) Raining.
(c) Time to sleep.
(d) Night.

8. Estragon gets excited because when Pozzo returns the next day, he thinks Pozzo
(a) Has brought them all dinner.
(b) Has brought Godot.
(c) Tells them they can wait for Godot at his home.
(d) Is actually Godot.

9. When Pozzo and Lucky meet Estragon and Vladimir the next day, Pozzo tells them that he woke up one day finding everything had changed and that he sometimes wonders if he isn't
(a) Afraid to see.
(b) Still asleep.
(c) Getting very old
(d) Losing his mind.

10. At the end of the play, when Vladimir and Estragon decide to leave, where do they go?
(a) They do not move.
(b) They search for the closest town.
(c) They go east.
(d) They go west.

11. When Estragon and Vladimir realize that Pozzo is at their mercy in the second act, they
(a) Leave him alone.
(b) Punish him because he was cruel to Lucky.
(c) Tell Lucky to take the whip and punish Pozzo.
(d) Decide to take advantage of the situation.

12. What reasoning does Pozzo give Vladimir for the change in Lucky in Act II?
(a) He does not offer a reason.
(b) Nothing, he tell Vladimir to leave them alone and stop asking stupid questions.
(c) He says Lucky was beaten.
(d) He says it happened one day just like he became blind one day.

13. Estragon and Vladimir talk about what time it is in the middle of the second act. Pozzo keeps begging them to tell him if it is
(a) Going to rain.
(b) Time for him to leave.
(c) Evening.
(d) Time to go to sleep.

14. In Act II, Estragon remembers some of the things that happened the day before including:
(a) Sleeping under the tree.
(b) Going into the town and buying some food.
(c) Losing his boots.
(d) Being kicked by someone and being given a bone.

15. In Act I, Vladimir asks the boy if he has been where they are before. The boy replies that
(a) This is his first time.
(b) He is lost and needs directions.
(c) He needs their help.
(d) He has been there many times.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Pozzo and Lucky are leaving near the end of the play, Vladimir asks Pozzo what they do when they fall down and there is no one to help them. Pozzo tells him

2. When the boy comes toward the end of the second act, Vladimir asks him if he has seen anybody. The boy tells him

3. Vladimir asks the boy in Act II if he is the same boy who came yesterday. The boy tells him

4. Finally, toward the end of the play, Vladimir tells Estragon they will hang themselves tomorrow unless

5. When Estragon wakes up in Act II, disoriented by a nightmare, Vladimir

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