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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act II, Estragon remembers some of the things that happened the day before including:
(a) Losing his boots.
(b) Sleeping under the tree.
(c) Being kicked by someone and being given a bone.
(d) Going into the town and buying some food.

2. In Act II, Vladimir tells Estragon that he woke him up
(a) Because he thought Estragon was rude to go to sleep.
(b) Because dinner was ready.
(c) To tell him that Godot had arrived.
(d) Because he was lonely.

3. When Pozzo asks Estragon and Vladimir if they are at a place called the Board, Vladimir describes the surroundings, and Pozzo tells him
(a) The Board is a place where games are played.
(b) This can not be the Board
(c) It is the place at the center of town.
(d) The Board is a room where people meet to make decisions.

4. In Act II, Estragon and Vladimir can find nothing that will work as a rope if they want to hang themselves, and they decide that tomorrow they will
(a) Bring a good piece of rope.
(b) Find Pozzo and take his rope.
(c) Cut the tree down anyway.
(d) Find another way to do themselves in.

5. Toward the end of the second act, Estragon wakes up and wants to leave the place. Vladimir tells him they can't because they
(a) Are too tired and hungry to go anywhere.
(b) Have no place to go.
(c) Are waiting for Godot.
(d) Need to wait for Pozzo and Lucky.

6. The second time the boy messenger comes, when Vladimir asks the boy about his brother, the boy says his brother is
(a) Dead
(b) Away on a long trip.
(c) No longer working for Mr. Godot.
(d) Sick.

7. At the end of Act I, Estragon says he is unhappy. Vladimir asks him since when. Estragon tells him he
(a) Has forgotten.
(b) Likes being unhappy.
(c) Just realized that he was unhappy.
(d) Has always been unhappy.

8. When Estragon comments that his boots are too big in Act II, Vladimir tells him that perhaps, someday, he will
(a) Find his old boots.
(b) Have a pair of socks.
(c) Get new boots that fit.
(d) Decide to wear different kinds of shoes.

9. What is Estragon's reply when Vladimir tells him he cannot go barefoot in Act 1?
(a) Estragon reminds Vladimir that he always goes barefoot.
(b) Estragon promises to buy another pair of boots soon.
(c) Estragon argued that it will only be for one night.
(d) Estragon says he can because Christ did.

10. In the second act, after waiting so long for Godot, Vladimir tells Estragon he is proud of the fact that
(a) Smart enough to take advantage of Pozzo.
(b) They are better people than Pozzo because they do not beat people.
(c) They are strong enough to beat up Lucky.
(d) Even though they may not be saints, they kept their appointment.

11. Vladimir is glad that Lucky and Pozzo return in Act II because now they will have help
(a) Someone to watch out while they sleep.
(b) Chopping down the tree for firewood.
(c) Finding something to eat.
(d) Waiting for Godot.

12. Estragon hurts himself while kicking Lucky in the second act, and he
(a) Blames Lucky for his misfortune.
(b) Picks him up and knocks him down again.
(c) Realizes he shouldn't have kicked Lucky.
(d) Kicks him even harder.

13. Estragon gets excited because when Pozzo returns the next day, he thinks Pozzo
(a) Is actually Godot.
(b) Has brought them all dinner.
(c) Has brought Godot.
(d) Tells them they can wait for Godot at his home.

14. When Pozzo and Lucky meet Estragon and Vladimir the next day, Pozzo tells them that he woke up one day finding everything had changed and that he sometimes wonders if he isn't
(a) Afraid to see.
(b) Getting very old
(c) Losing his mind.
(d) Still asleep.

15. When Estragon wakes up in Act II, disoriented by a nightmare, Vladimir
(a) Comforts him and trys to calm him.
(b) Laughs at him and tells him he's childish.
(c) Pays no attention.
(d) Gets irriated and tells him to grow up.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act II, Vladimir gives Estragon a radish,

2. Estragon falls asleep again in Act II, and, again, Vladimir wakes him up. Estragon asks Vladimir

3. In Act II, Estragon and Vladimir discuss how to handle Pozzo, but they are concerned because

4. What does Estragon say he was dreaming of when Vladimir woke him up in Act II?

5. When Vladimir tries to talk to Estragon about what happened the day before with the tree and Pozzo and Lucky, Estragon tells him

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