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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For the second time in the play, Estragon and Vladimir talk about hanging themselves on the tree, but they can't because they
(a) Should go to sleep instead.
(b) Need to wait for Godot.
(c) Don't have any rope.
(d) Had cut down the tree.

2. When Estragon and Vladimir find the hat that Lucky left behind the day before, they
(a) Try to sell it.
(b) Promise to keep it and give it back to Lucky if he ever comes back.
(c) Keep trading and trying on different hats.
(d) Throw it away.

3. When Estragon comments that his boots are too big in Act II, Vladimir tells him that perhaps, someday, he will
(a) Get new boots that fit.
(b) Decide to wear different kinds of shoes.
(c) Have a pair of socks.
(d) Find his old boots.

4. When he arrives for the second time, who does the boy refer to Vladimir as?
(a) Mr. Albert.
(b) Mr. Rogers.
(c) Mr. Smith.
(d) Mr. Jones.

5. After talking about leaving in the second act, Estragon finally does leave but comes back immediately because
(a) He is lonely for Vladimir.
(b) He is hungry.
(c) "They" are coming.
(d) He found Godot.

6. Considering the possibility that they might have trouble hanging themselves, Estragon says that Vladimir could hang onto his legs. Vladimir asks him
(a) If he thinks the tree can hold them both.
(b) If he is really certain he wants to do this.
(c) Who would hang onto his (Vladimir's) legs.
(d) If he is sure that would work.

7. Vladimir realizes Estragon has been beaten again and tells him he wouldn't have let "them" beat Estragon because he would
(a) Help Estragon run away so he wouldn't get beaten.
(b) Beat up all of the people who beat Estragon.
(c) Stop Estragon from doing whatever he did to receive the beating.
(d) Ask Godot to help Estragon.

8. Vladimir asks Pozzo if he can ask Lucky to sing or recite before they leave near the end of the play. Pozzo tells him
(a) That Lucky is dumb and cannot sing or recite.
(b) Lucky will be happy to sing.
(c) That this time, Lucky will ask for money before he will recite.
(d) Lucky will be happy to recite again.

9. The second time the boy messenger comes, when Vladimir asks the boy about his brother, the boy says his brother is
(a) No longer working for Mr. Godot.
(b) Dead
(c) Sick.
(d) Away on a long trip.

10. As they are preparing to leave at the end of Act I, Estragon looks at the tree and tells Vladimir that
(a) They could use the tree for fire wood.
(b) It looks like an apple tree.
(c) It's too bad they don't have some rope.
(d) The tree looks like it might be dying.

11. Vladimir and Pozzo tell Estragon to go check on Lucky in Act II. When he tells them he doesn't want to do it, they tell Estragon
(a) It is his chance for revenge.
(b) Je has to do it.
(c) To go away.
(d) To go find dinner if he isn't going to check on Lucky.

12. Estragon and Vladimir have an argument in Act II, but decide to converse politely because they can't keep silent because don't want to...
(a) Stay bored.
(b) Listen to the wind.
(c) Think and hear.
(d) Keep falling asleep.

13. At the end of Act I, Vladimir asks the boy where he sleeps, and the boy tells him that
(a) He sleeps in a bed in the house.
(b) He and his brother sleep in the hay in the loft.
(c) He sleeps alone in the hay in the loft.
(d) He and his brother sleep on the floor in the servant's house.

14. In Act II, Estragon remembers some of the things that happened the day before including:
(a) Losing his boots.
(b) Going into the town and buying some food.
(c) Being kicked by someone and being given a bone.
(d) Sleeping under the tree.

15. How many people does Estragon tells Vladimir beat him up?
(a) 10.
(b) 12.
(c) 8.
(d) 5.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing Vladimir suggests Estragon do when he checks on Lucky in Act II?

2. The boy tells Vladimir that he has a brother who also works for Godot and minds the

3. In Act II, Estragon and Vladimir discuss how to handle Pozzo, but they are concerned because

4. What does the boy tell Vladimir about Mr. Godot on the second day?

5. When they finally decide no one is coming after they think they hear something in Act II, Vladimir tells Estragon he must

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