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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Pages 10-14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the most significant thing on the stage? It is talked about several times during the play.
(a) The tree.
(b) Some rocks.
(c) Park benches.
(d) The dirt.

2. When Estragon starts to tell Vladimir about the dream he was having, Vladimir
(a) Listens intently.
(b) Keeps interrupting the story.
(c) Falls asleep.
(d) Shouts for him to stop!

3. Vladimir looks for a note about when Godot is to come in
(a) His pockets.
(b) His hat.
(c) His shoes.
(d) Estragon's pockets.

4. During the first act, Vladimir leaves the stage to go to the bathroom. When Vladimir returns, Estragon tries to start a conversation. He acknowledges that Vladimir is angry and wants the anger to go away. They end up
(a) Leaving.
(b) Fighting.
(c) Embracing.
(d) Laughing.

5. When Estragon pushes Vladimir to tell him the story about the Englishman in the brothel, Vladimir
(a) Falls asleep.
(b) Tells him a different story.
(c) Refuses to tell the story and leaves the stage.
(d) Tells Estragon the whole story.

Short Answer Questions

1. At times throughout the play, both Estragon and Vladimir talk about leaving the place where they are waiting, but they do not. Why not?

2. When Estragon and Vladimir first discuss the tree, they notice it is

3. In the first act, Estragon exclaims that Vladimir smells of

4. During the first part of Act I, Estragon keeps looking for something that he doesn't find in what?

5. During the beginning of the first act, while Vladimir is pacing back and forth, Estragon

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