Waiting for Godot Character Descriptions

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Mr. Albert - The messenger calls Vladimir this.

Boy - The messenger who arrives near the end of each act to inform the two waiting characters that they man they are waiting for will not arrive.

Didi - Another name for Vladimir.

Estragon (Es-tra-gon) - This character is one of the two characters waiting for someone throughout the play. This character is more docile and timid than his friend whose lead he usually follows. This character also has bad feet, which hurt throughout the play.

Gogo - Another name for Estragon.

Lucky - He is the miserable slave or "menial." He is understandably sad and quiet, loyal to and eager to please his master. In the second act, he is mute.

Pozzo (Po-dzo) - He is the bald, brutal, insensitive, and overbearing figure who intimidates the main characters in the first act of the play after...

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