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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The blind girl admits that she stays with the magistrate because she has no ______________________.
(a) Family.
(b) Sight.
(c) Place else to go.
(d) Money to spend on the streets.

2. ___________ avoids sleeping with the others in the same tent on the way back from their trip.
(a) The girl.
(b) The magistrate.
(c) The lead soldier.
(d) The injured soldier.

3. The girl says that she doesn't like _____________ and wants to stay with her own people.
(a) The magistrate.
(b) The army.
(c) The settlement.
(d) The food.

4. The prisoners have different _____________ and lack hygiene, which causes a number of problems while they are captured.
(a) Languages.
(b) Customs.
(c) Senses.
(d) Faces.

5. The group continues to experience tough conditions, with _________ entering their clothing and their baggage as they travel.
(a) Water.
(b) Bugs.
(c) Dust.
(d) Ice.

6. Who does the magistrate find to be sleeping when he visits the family the following day?
(a) Mother.
(b) Brother.
(c) Grandfather.
(d) Sister.

7. What does the blind girl seem to agree to do on a daily basis, though there has been no conversation?
(a) The chores.
(b) Bathing rituals.
(c) Sleeping on the floor of the bedroom.
(d) The cooking.

8. Various measures are undertaken in anticipation of barbarian attacks, such as ___________ and vigilance.
(a) Torture.
(b) Rallies.
(c) Raids.
(d) Signs.

9. Who has sent the Colonel to the area where the magistrate is in charge so that he can look into rumors that have spread?
(a) Third Bureau.
(b) The Whites.
(c) The Northerners.
(d) The militia.

10. What is the name of the Colonel who likes to interrogate people of interest by using harsh torture methods?
(a) Hamp.
(b) Gole.
(c) Joll.
(d) God.

11. Who believes the family is a threat to the colony, which is why they are picked up on their way through town?
(a) Colonel Joll.
(b) Colonel God.
(c) Colonel Jobe.
(d) The magistrate.

12. The barbarians stay away from the town during the winter months, dealing with the _____________.
(a) Cold.
(b) Lack of sun.
(c) Warmth.
(d) Lack of supplies.

13. Once the group leaves the lake conditions, they have to kill one of ______________ that refuses to rise from the ground.
(a) The women.
(b) The men.
(c) The goats.
(d) Their horses.

14. Even though the winter has passed, the wind blowing through the ice makes ___________ difficult for the men.
(a) Breathing.
(b) Riding.
(c) Walking.
(d) Eating.

15. The magistrate is upset about incidents between the soldiers and the prisoners especially when _________________.
(a) The meals are served.
(b) The guns go missing.
(c) One of the babies dies.
(d) The sun sets.

Short Answer Questions

1. The nomads would usually follow the _____________ on the path the magistrate and the soldiers are starting to follow.

2. Who is NOT in the group of people who are interrogated after being picked up on their way into town?

3. How does the magistrate begin to inform the government about his actions, though he puts this aside?

4. The boy admits to theft of __________ and arming by his clan during the torture by the Colonel.

5. What was the actual destination of the prisoner(s) that was passing when this person or persons were picked up for interrogation?

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