Objects & Places from The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader"

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The Picture in the Bedroom

This object is in the bedroom of Lucy and Edmund that helps them escape to Narnia.

The Dawn Treader

This object helped all of the travelers get to their destination during the adventurous voyage.

Lucy's Magic Cordial

This object is used to cure others when they are wounded or sick.

Dragon's Cave

This is where Eustace stayed the night and hoarded treasure.

Lord Octesian's Arm-ring

This object transforms Eustace into a dragon.

The Sea-Serpent

This thing attacked the travelers on the ship and tried to crush them.

The Magician's Book

This object allowed anyone to perform spells.

Aslan's Table

This is where a huge feast was found.

The Lone Islands

This is where the travelers were taken hostage and almost sold as slaves.

Dragon Island

This is where Eustace was transformed into another creature.

Deathwater Island

This is where a pool could turn...

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