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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the author's use of fantasy in the book. What does the use of fantasy help portray and reveal about the book's characters that would have been absent without it?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Caspian and Reepicheep's motivations to go on the voyage on the Dawn Treader. What about their journey is connected, and what does their sharing this common bond suggest about their friendship?

Essay Topic 3

Eustace is an interesting character that shows great character growth and bravery in the book. Part 1.) What might the author hope for the reader to learn from Eunace's portrayal? Part 2.) How is Eustace transformed emotionally when he is turned into a dragon? Part 3.) How had Eunace changed from the beginning of the book to the end?

Essay Topic 4

Discuss the role of adventure in the book. What might the author hope for adventure to represent to the characters...

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