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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal scared George and Martha's son, causing him to break his arm?
(a) A dog
(b) A goat
(c) A cow
(d) A chicken

2. What type of flowers is George carrying with him when he returns to the house?
(a) Snapdragons
(b) Chrysanthemums
(c) Daffodils
(d) Hyacinths

3. What does George announce he is going to do after he returns to the room?
(a) Read a book
(b) Play a game
(c) Punch NIck
(d) Kiss Martha

4. What landmark does George compare Honey to when she talks about getting sick?
(a) The Acropolis
(b) The Sphinx
(c) Mount Rushmore
(d) Big Ben

5. In what liquor does George tell Martha to put the flowers?
(a) Vodka
(b) Scotch
(c) Bourbon
(d) Gin

6. What is the name of the last game?
(a) Bringing Up Baby
(b) Morning Glory
(c) Doctor and the Houseboy
(d) Pin the Tail on the Boxer

7. What contest does George say that Martha won twenty-five years ago?
(a) A triathalon
(b) A beauty pagaent
(c) A pie-eating contest
(d) A dance marathon

8. What does George do during his game that offends Nick?
(a) He calls him a gelding
(b) He slips his drink on him
(c) He gropes Honey
(d) He snaps at him

9. According to George, how old was their son when Martha was still trying to bathe him herself?
(a) Fourteen
(b) Sixteen
(c) Nineteen
(d) Twelve

10. What does George suggest is under the bridge instead of water?
(a) Tar
(b) Tears
(c) Blood
(d) Bile

11. As George talks about his "second novel," where does he suggest the Midwestern lover begin to "poke around" with each other?
(a) Under the vanity table
(b) At the drive-in
(c) In the hayloft
(d) Behind the general store

12. Which of the following is not among the descriptors George uses to describe Martha during this section?
(a) Liquor-ridden
(b) Self-indulgent
(c) Under-educated
(d) Dirty-minded

13. What does Nick think has happened to Martha when he comes downstairs in Act 3?
(a) He thinks she's talking to Honey
(b) He thinks she's gone crazy
(c) He thinks she's been attacked by George
(d) He thinks she's fallen asleep

14. George compares Nick to what animal as they argue about his upsetting Honey?
(a) Cockroach
(b) Snake
(c) Pig
(d) Dog

15. How do George and Martha agree to describe the final passage of the night?
(a) Dies Irae
(b) Exorcism
(c) Endgame
(d) Total war

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was George sailing past when he saw the moon come back up after going down?

2. What are we trying to find when we peel away at each other, according to George?

3. When can George handle Martha best, does he say?

4. What onomatopoetic word does Martha use repeatedly to describe the moment she realized George was a lost cause?

5. How does Martha describe George's arguments during this scene?

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