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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What landmark does George compare Honey to when she talks about getting sick?
(a) The Acropolis
(b) The Sphinx
(c) Mount Rushmore
(d) Big Ben

2. To what does George compare when he suggests Nick throw her over his shoulder?
(a) A hobo bindle
(b) A bag of laundry
(c) A fur coat
(d) A sack of toys

3. What is the Western Union courier's name?
(a) Smelly Gerald
(b) Simple Jerry
(c) Nosey Evans
(d) Crazy Billy

4. Where does Martha say she keeps her tears?
(a) In a reliquary
(b) In the shower
(c) In ice trays
(d) In the toilet cistern

5. When can George handle Martha best, does he say?
(a) When she's asleep
(b) When they're in public
(c) When they're alone
(d) When he's drunk

6. Which is not a game that Honey and George talk about having played?
(a) Curl-Up-On-the-Floor
(b) Peel the Label
(c) Snap the Dragon
(d) Up the Chuck

7. What part of George is broken according to Nick?
(a) His mind
(b) His neck
(c) His heart
(d) His back

8. According to Martha, what does weakness cry out against?
(a) Hope, love, and joy
(b) Fortitude, family, and togetherness
(c) Anger, injustice, and despair
(d) Strength, goodness, and innocence

9. How does Martha describe George's arguments during this scene?
(a) Sophmoric
(b) Vicious
(c) Petty
(d) Convoluted

10. What does George tell Martha is the first thing they have to do?
(a) Collect his effects
(b) Call a funeral home
(c) Identify the body
(d) Retain a priest

11. George compares Nick to what animal as they argue about his upsetting Honey?
(a) Cockroach
(b) Snake
(c) Dog
(d) Pig

12. What does Martha say she has to put on her eyes since getting married?
(a) Rose-tinted glasses
(b) False eyelashes
(c) Windshield wipers
(d) Blinders

13. How many times did George and Martha's son run away from home in one year according to Martha?
(a) Six
(b) Two
(c) Twelve
(d) Fifteen

14. How do George and Martha agree to describe the final passage of the night?
(a) Exorcism
(b) Dies Irae
(c) Endgame
(d) Total war

15. Where is Honey sleeping at the end of Act 2?
(a) The lawn
(b) The hall
(c) The spare bedroom
(d) The bathroom

Short Answer Questions

1. How does George refer to his female protagonist in his "second novel?"

2. In what liquor does George tell Martha to put the flowers?

3. In what sport is George's protagonist a champion?

4. What does Honey loudly announce that she wants?

5. Which of the follow is not among the things that Martha says George can do for her, as she tells Nick that she loves him?

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