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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When can George handle Martha best, does he say?
(a) When they're alone
(b) When he's drunk
(c) When she's asleep
(d) When they're in public

2. What is the Western Union courier's name?
(a) Smelly Gerald
(b) Simple Jerry
(c) Crazy Billy
(d) Nosey Evans

3. What did George do with the telegram?
(a) He tore it up
(b) He burned it
(c) He ate it
(d) He framed it

4. Honey obliquely mentions her hysterical pregnancy when she comes back into the room, but she calls it something else. What does she call it?
(a) Anemia
(b) A toothache
(c) Appendicitis
(d) Dyspepsia

5. What job does Martha assign to Nick in Act 3?
(a) Cook
(b) Gigolo
(c) Butler
(d) Houseboy

6. What does George tell Martha is the first thing they have to do?
(a) Call a funeral home
(b) Retain a priest
(c) Collect his effects
(d) Identify the body

7. Where does Martha say she keeps her tears?
(a) In the shower
(b) In a reliquary
(c) In the toilet cistern
(d) In ice trays

8. What does George do during his game that offends Nick?
(a) He snaps at him
(b) He slips his drink on him
(c) He calls him a gelding
(d) He gropes Honey

9. What are we trying to find when we peel away at each other, according to George?
(a) Organs
(b) Bones
(c) Marrow
(d) Blood

10. How many times did George and Martha's son run away from home in one year according to Martha?
(a) Two
(b) Twelve
(c) Six
(d) Fifteen

11. When, according to George,did he receive the fateful telegram?
(a) Between Acts 2 and 3
(b) Before they went to the faculty party
(c) Yesterday
(d) Between Acts 1 and 2

12. What does Honey loudly announce that she wants?
(a) A pillow
(b) A child
(c) A divorce
(d) A drink

13. Which of the following is not a party game mentioned by George in the second act?
(a) Diddle the Drunk
(b) Humiliate the Host
(c) Get the Guests
(d) Hump the Hostess

14. As Nick attacks George for betraying him, George says that he hates what?
(a) Inconsistency
(b) Misery
(c) Pathos
(d) Hypocrisy

15. About what time is it at the end of the second act?
(a) Midnight
(b) Seven o'clock in the morning
(c) Four o' clock in the morning
(d) Two o'clock in the morning

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a nickname that George gives to Honey during the dancing?

2. What is the name of the last game?

3. In what liquor does George tell Martha to put the flowers?

4. How does George refer to his female protagonist in his "second novel?"

5. How does Martha describe George's arguments during this scene?

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